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      Copic Multiliner


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      • Copic Multiliner SP
        10 Variants
        Copic Multiliner SP
        from 7,90 €
        water-based pigment ink, quick drying, lightfast, waterproof, does not bleed when drawn over with a Copic marker, interchangeable refill, replaceable, metal encased plastic point, silver anodised aluminium barrel...
      • Copic Multiliner
        10 Variants
        Copic Multiliner
        from 3,90 €
        Ink property: ink does not bleed when drawn over with Copic markers, tip: metal encased plastic point, equipment: grey tinged plastic barrel with line width indicator, cap with clip
      • Copic Multiliner, set of 8
        Copic Multiliner, set of 8
        from 29,75 €
        Ink characteristic: ink does not bleed out when painting over with Copic markers, Tip: metallized plastic tip, Features: gray plastic shaft with line width indication, cap with clip
      • Copic Multiliner SP, refill
        2 Variants
        Copic Multiliner SP, refill
        from 3,00 €
        Equipment: Replaceable Mine, Type of Ink: Water-based Pigmented Ink, Other Properties: Fast drying, light-resistant, water-resistant, does not bleed when painted with Copic Markers
      • Copic Multiliner SP, set
        Copic Multiliner SP, set
        from 33,95 €
        Type of ink: pigmented water-based ink, Ink properties: fast-drying, light-resistant, waterproof, does not bleed when painted over with Copic markers, Tip: replaceable, metal-filled plastic tip
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