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Ecobra Cutter

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Ecobra Cutter for every purpose

Cutter knives are very sharp knives that are equipped with either a replaceable or a breakable blade. Often you can retract them after use, though there are also cutter knives with a rigid blade fixation. Ecobra cutters also have a full metal housing, which makes them more durable and long-lasting compared to ordinary hardware store cutters.

A classic cutter is available from Ecobra in two versions: with a 9 mm and with an 18 mm snap-off blade. Whether you want to do coarser or finer work with the cutter determines which of the knife blades is more suitable. The finer the cutting work, the smaller the blade of your cutter may be. When not in use, the blade of this Ecobra cutter is automatically retracted into the shaft. However, an auto-stop function prevents it from being pulled out of your cutter while you are cutting.

If you are going to use the cutter knife for a long time at a stretch, we recommend the Ecobra Cutter with locking wheel. This way, the blade will neither slip out nor in during work and can still be safely stowed away for transport.

If you are looking for a fixed blade for coarser work, the Ecobra carpet knife is the best choice. It is equipped with a very sturdy trapezoidal blade that can be used on both sides and can, of course, be replaced if necessary. These interchangeable blades are also compatible with other Ecobra knives from our range, e.g. with the Ecobra scraper knife.

So that you do not jump in the triangle when cutting out circles, we have the Ecobra circle cutter in our assortment. With it, you can easily cut circles from various materials.

Scalpels from Ecobra: the filigree alternative to the cutter

Scalpels or stenciling knives are a special form of cutter. They are characterized by a long, narrow handle and a small, extremely sharp cutting edge. The cutting edge can be replaced at Ecobra and is available in various designs. Ecobra scalpels are suitable for very precise and delicate cuts on the one hand, and for cutting particularly fine materials such as thin foils on the other.