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Pilot Rollerball Pens

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Pilot rollerball pen - Where every bullet hits

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a rollerball and a ballpoint pen? Or even thought they were the same? Wrong!

While the likelihood of confusion is high, the two pens are by no means the same thing. A ballpoint pen works with an oil-based ink that is more like a paste in consistency. The rollerball, on the other hand, works with water-based ink, just like a fountain pen. This allows for a smoother typeface and a gliding of the rollerball over the paper that is otherwise only known from fountain pens.
Just a quick glance at the selection of Pilot rollerball pens is enough to give you an idea: When choosing the right pen, there are probably a few things to consider. We'll start by giving you an overview of the Pilot rollerball pens we have on offer and what makes them so special.

Pilot gel rollerball G-TEC ultra fine

This rollerball from Pilot is not so much for writing as for sketching. With its very fine, friction-optimized and pressure-resistant tip, you can draw lines that are only 0.2 mm thick. This makes the pen excellent for filigree sketches and hatching. This rollerball pen should not be missing in any architect's office.

Pilot G2 Gel Roller 05

This Pilot pen is a so-called gel pen. Although gel pens are strictly speaking a separate category between ballpoint pens and rollerballs, we still list them as rollerballs. The only difference between them and their ballpoint counterparts is the consistency of the ink. The gel is thinner than the paste of a ballpoint pen, but more viscous than the water-based inks of the classic rollerball. Due to its high viscosity, the pen allows its user to write extremely smoothly. Therefore, Pilot G2 is excellent for people who write by hand a lot and frequently.

Pilot B2P

Disposable plastic is for bottles! Or is it? Pilot says no and recycles discarded plastic bottles without further ado. The result is quite impressive: Pilot manages to produce three B2P rollerball pens from a single commercially available PET bottle, so that in the end they consist of 95% recycled materials! In addition, the Japanese have come up with a clever design for their rollerball pen that is reminiscent of the look of ordinary plastic bottles. So if you want to write green despite blue ink, this Pilot rollerball is just the right choice.

Pilot Frixion - The magic rollerball pens

The Pilot Frixion rollerball pens all have something in common: you can erase them. To do this, you rub the plastic tip at the end of the rollerball over the writing and it's gone. So you never have to cross out your words again. Find out more about erasable pens in the Pilot Frixion category.