Office table according to your taste for every purpose

Your new office desk should fit optimally to your requirements. That's why you can configure your desk yourself and design it according to your ideas. For the team, for the boss, for ergonomic work or for conferences.

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All in one: Your height-adjustable office desk

Do you want to set up your workplace ergonomically and work back-friendly? The T table makes this possible for you. Our infinitely electrically height-adjustable office table is a real stand-seat table and can be adjusted to your desired height at the touch of a button.

Your conference table made to measure

Whether small team or large round of up to 20 people: All participants feel comfortable at the Y table. Configure your conference table to suit your team and design it according to your ideas. Round or square, small or large: The Y table is versatile and blends seamlessly into its surroundings.

One for all: Your individual team office desk

Can it be a timeless classic for designers or would you rather have a straightforward all-rounder than an office table for productive work? You have a free choice. For example, opt for the E2 table with offset cross. Thanks to optional height adjusters, you can also tilt the tabletop and use it even better for drawing or scribbling.

The M table is a perfect straight line. It offers plenty of free space, can be easily integrated into a desk island and scores with maximum legroom. This is made possible by its table legs, which are located at the corners of the table. The M Table is therefore excellently suited as a uniform team office desk that can be supplemented and individualised with additional office furniture according to personal requirements. Configure your team favorites now.

All for one: Your contemporary executive office table

You won't find the classic, possibly even monstrous boss desk with us. Instead, we supply you with high-quality table frames that are functionally well thought-out and optically convincing. Or as we call it: With us you get a contemporary boss office table, which looks noble, but does not look ostentatious.
For example, combine the Y table frame with a bevelled linoleum tabletop with rounded corners. The filigree look makes the tabletop float almost above the office table. Together with the pleasant feel of the linoleum, you have a table at which not only bosses should sit.

Should the executive office table be electrically height-adjustable? No problem! The extraordinary linoleum tabletop remains the same. Simply choose the T table frame as the basis for your executive office table and your back will thank you for it.

Office table colours to match your furniture

Your desk in black

A black office table is an excellent contrast in bright rooms. The combination of a black table frame and a black desk top elegantly sets the scene for your office table and makes it look as if it has been cast in one piece. And best of all, you're free to choose, because all our table frames and desktops are available in black. Be inspired by our black office desks.

Timelessly stylish: Your office table completely in white

Do you want to set a visual accent with your desk in the office or are you looking for the optimal solution to brighten up your room? Then take a look at what an office desk in white can look like. With our durable melamine table tops, you can choose between a smooth or pearled surface. Should the edge of your office table also be white or do you like a distinctive edge made of real wood better? Discover the many possibilities.

Pure variety: office table colours for every taste

Our office table models at a glance

T Table: The ergonomically height-adjustable

Good for you and your back: The T table is our electrically height-adjustable office table. We recommend this model if you attach great importance to an ergonomic workplace. The T table frame can be adjusted up to a height of 128 cm (including table top) so that even tall people can work comfortably while standing.

Y Table: The versatile adaptable table

Slim foot meets stable support: The Y table with its oblique table legs looks very light-footed and almost graceful. The stronger the inclination of the table legs, the stronger the effect. You can choose between different legs and inclination angles. Nevertheless, the frame is so versatile and resilient that it cuts an impressive figure both as a small office table and as a large conference table.

M Table: The universally applicable

Whether as a team office table, large dining table in the break room or even as a bench in the lobby: Our M table frame is straightforward and simple and can therefore be used almost universally. Despite its many possibilities, it ensures a uniform look at all times - an ideal prerequisite for small or large productivity islands of high-quality office desks, isn't it?

E2 Table: The classic Timeless

Among designers, the E2 table is now regarded as the standard and classic of the so-called Second Modern Age. So you get an office table that has proven itself over decades, is known for its longevity and looks unique. And don't worry: our practical accessories make the E2 table fit for today's requirements.

Office table sizes from small to gigantic

Your office desk should not only visually and haptically meet your expectations, but also have the ideal size for its purpose. In our configurator you can therefore decide for yourself which dimensions your tabletop should have. Here we have put together the most frequently selected office table sizes for you, so that you can orient yourself better.

Dimensions for small office tables

80 x 80 cm

A small office table with side lengths of 80 cm is often chosen. However, it is primarily used as a side table to extend the existing work surface. So if you need extra space, this desk size is worth considering.

To the Y table (80 x 80 cm)

To the M table (80 x 80 cm)

120 x 80 cm

You work mainly paperless at the computer and use only one monitor? Then a small office desk 120 cm wide might be enough for your needs.

To the Y table (120 x 80 cm)

To the M table (120 x 80 cm)

140 x 80 cm

Do you occasionally work without a computer and need enough space to process two folders at the same time? The office desk size 140 x 80 cm is very suitable for this. It is comparatively compact, but almost feels like an office desk in normal size.

To the Y table (140 x 80 cm)

To the M table (140 x 80 cm)

To the T table (140 x 80 cm)

To the E2 table (140 x 80 cm)

Dimensions for large office tables

160 x 80 cm

This is the typical office desk size found in the vast majority of offices. There is enough space to comfortably carry out classic office and desk tasks.

To the Y table (160 x 80 cm)

To the M table (160 x 80 cm)

To the T table (160 x 80 cm)

To the E2 table (160 x 80 cm)

180 x 80 cm

If you are using more than one monitor or need access to multiple paper documents at the same time, we recommend a larger office desk 180 cm wide. This way you always have an overview and can work comfortably.

To the Y table (180 x 80 cm)

To the M table (180 x 80 cm)

To the T table (180 x 80 cm)

To the E2 table (180 x 80 cm)

180 x 90 cm

An office table with a depth of 90 cm can be worthwhile for designers and artists. The additional free space offers space for often needed utensils, so that you can still keep an eye on the essentials even if the table is supposed to be full.

To the Y table (180 x 90 cm)

To the M table (180 x 90 cm)

To the T table (180 x 90 cm)

To the E2 table (180 x 90 cm)

200 x 90 cm

If your activity requires even more space, grab a large office table with a full two meters width. This should avoid space problems and you can do almost anything a desk can handle.

To the Y table (200 x 90 cm)

To the M table (200 x 90 cm)

To the T table (200 x 90 cm)

To the E2 table (200 x 90 cm)

How do I find the right height?

Matching accessories for your office table

With the right accessories you can turn your office desk into a fully functional workplace. Do you need a cable duct or PC holder on your desk? You can find these options directly in the configurator. Choose a suitable workplace lamp and also think of an ergonomic office chair. Our drawers and roller containers are available for sufficient storage space.