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  • Pebeo relief outliner, water-based
    7 Variants
    Pebeo relief outliner, water-based
    from 4,60 €
    for making contours in silk paintings, pasty consistency, opaque or transparent colourless, comes in tube with applicator tip, drying time 30 minutes, can be hand washed after fixing (ironed for 3-4 minutes)
  • Pebeo Setasilk silk paint
    46 Variants
    Pebeo Setasilk silk paint
    from 4,60 €
    water-based, transparent, very watery, for all types of silk, all colours are intermixable, can be thinned with water, fast-drying, after being fixed with an iron (3-4 minutes) it is lightfast and hand washable
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