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      It's getting green. The new E2 edition 4184.

      For our second E2 Special Edition 4184 we set out into the countryside. As a contrast program to the grey everyday life in the city, we bring the calming color back into our field of vision. Whether in the office or in the home office: With the pleasant olive green in front of our eyes, we can work in a much more relaxed way.

      The E2 Edition is available exclusively from us and is limited to 100 pieces.

      E2 X Modulor - it's getting green

      This harmonizes wonderfully with the E2 Edition 4184.

      What looks harmonious in nature also works in the home office. You can combine the olive green E2 Edition 4184 with the linoleum table top 4184 and add our wooden seating furniture to the whole.

      Linoleum table top 4184
      Modulor office swivel chair
      Modulor work stool

      Green, green, green is all we have.

      Because we don't only have rare green table frames like the E2 4184 in our assortment, here comes a special evergreen selection.

      Look around.

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