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      Suspended Cable System

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      • MIC suspended cable system ceiling to floor (DB)
        silver anodized aluminium mount, ceiling mount diameter 16 mm, h = 22 mm, floor mount diameter 16 mm, h = 51 - 63 mm (depending on the thread position), stainless steel cable th = 1.5 mm, l = 4,000 mm, includes 2 (3...
        MIC suspended cable system ceiling to floor (DB)
        from 14,50 €
      • MIC suspended cable system, accessories
        silver anodized mounts, for wire cable th = 1.5 – 2 mm
        3 Variants
        MIC suspended cable system, accessories
        from 3,90 €
      • MIC suspended cable system track to track (T)
        silver anodized aluminium mounts, ceiling mount diameter 16 mm, h = 33 - 37 mm, floor mount diameter 16 mm, h = 53 - 64 mm (depending on the thread position), stainless steel cable th = 1.5 mm, l = 4,000 mm, 2 mm hex...
        MIC suspended cable system track to track (T)
        from 14,50 €
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      Information about Suspended Cable System

      Suspended cable systems have developed from their original uses as massive, heavy elements in architecture (bridges, facades, railings, etc.) into much more delicate constructions with cable diameters from 1 to 3 mm which now serve as interior design elements. They are used in galleries for displaying pictures and objects or used to make shelving and display walls at trade shows and within stores and shops in order to present goods in an interesting manner or to encourage people to take a look at current brochures. Suspended cable constructions are found more and more often in display windows because their versatility allows their continued use even in the face of changing decoration ideas. Even airy looking glass cabinets are being built with steel cables as the foundational structure, as is also the case with signage and guidance systems in airports and office buildings. In the meantime, there are now similarly built room partitions that also serve as acoustic dampeners and display areas or exhibition walls at the same time. The advantage of such systems is their ability to be quickly changed and rearranged: The always versatilely useful “skeleton” of cables can remain in place while still being able to be modified by means of adding various mounting supports, clamps, supporting beams and the like.

      One reason we have chosen the MIC suspended cable system for our assortment is that it works great with the presentation panels that we developed ourselves called “Quadrat hoch zwei” – but there is no reason that it cannot also serve as the means for anyone desiring a tautly mounted cable between the ceiling and the floor or between two walls in order have a cool place to attach a brochure holder, panel or whatever.

      According to the manufacturer, the system is capable of supporting as much as 80 kg “when it is properly installed”. By this they mean that the cable and the metal components are easily capable of supporting that kind of weight; the question, of course, will always be just how strong the walls, ceilings and floors are? On this question you are on your own! The cable is made of stainless steel, the mounts of aluminium: rusting components are therefore not a concern! The track-to-track version has the further advantage that you can use as many screws and screw anchors as you need.

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