-25% on the Buddha board

Everything becomes and everything passes away. Wait a minute, what are we talking about? That's right: we're switching off. Our new addition, the Buddha Board, helps you and us relax and let go as well as learn calligraphy.

Dip the included bamboo brush in water, draw or write on the board, wait for the water to evaporate and the image to fade - and start again. Zen!

Calligraphy is your next big thing?

Now is the opportunity to learn calligraphy! With the Buddha Board you have the opportunity to repeatedly and without paper and ink consumption to the beautiful writing a big piece closer. If you feel confident, you will also find the right material to get started.

More ideas for relaxing and practicing mindfulness

Everyone has a different way of achieving balance in everyday life. With sports, for example. We don't have any sports equipment on offer, but we do have something for everyone who likes to reflect, look back and forward, in short: come to peace and live more mindfully.