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      In the last few weeks we have been literally overrun by the Corona virus. Daily new information. Daily new decisions that we had to make. Even though everything is different, new and unfamiliar at the moment: We don't want to be stopped from being creative. And neither should you. That's why we have created a place where you can find all the information you need. And of course some inspiration, if you feel like it. Everyone is dealing with this crisis differently. And that's okay. Stay healthy.

      Everything you need to know about the store opening

      Shipping and delivery

      VAT cut?!

      Plain, dotted, checkered: Do-it-yourself sets

      DIY sewing kit makeshift mouth-nose mask (Burda type 1)
      DIY sewing kit makeshift mouth-nose mask (Burda type 2)

      Corona basics

      Makeshift Mouth-Nose Mask Poplin, black
      PaperHelp Mouth & Nose Mask Set Paper, can be pain
      Faceplate made of recycled PET, transparent

      Quickly available and price-reduced home office sets

      Home School Set M
      Home office set M
      Home office set Y
      Home office set E2

      And finally, thank you. Thank you! Thank you.


      ... For every order, every message, every replicated project that ends up in our direct messages.

      This is a huge challenge for us, which we can only achieve together with you. If you would like to support us (even more), you can do so via Helfen.Berlin in the form of a gift voucher.

      To Helfen.Berlin

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