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Pilot Frixion

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Science Frixion: Pilot revolutionizes erasing!

Pens for erasing are already really practical companions! Pilot thought so too and created a revolutionary concept with the Frixion series. Erasing, as we know it from the pencil, is now also possible with rollerballs, highlighters and even felt-tip pens!

The secret is a special, thermosensitive ink. It becomes invisible when exposed to heat. How does it work, you ask? We'll tell you!

All Pilot Frixion models have a plastic ball at the end of their barrel, much like an eraser. When you rub it over the writing, the required heat (60°C) is generated and the ink loses its color. You can make a correction immediately and over and over again. If, on the other hand, you put the document in the freezer for a few minutes (-10°C), the erasure will reappear.

IMPORTANT: Pilot Frixion products are therefore not suitable for filling in or even signing important documents!

Pilot Frixion - sustainable thanks to original spare parts

Another advantage of Pilot Frixion pens is that you no longer need an extra correction pen or anything similar. The plastic ball at the end of the pen is permanently mounted and practically does not wear out during erasing. It lasts worlds longer than any eraser.

And of course we also offer refills for your Pilot Frixion rollerball. You can choose from many different colors, each with two line widths. Conveniently, the Frixion refills fit both the standard rollerball pen Frixion Ball, as well as for the noble variant Frixion LX and the Frixion Ball Clicker.