Table top final spurt: order linoleum and HPL tops by 24.10. and melamine tops by 14.11.2021 and receive them this year.
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      Configurate your table

      Rely on high-quality and durable materials and configurate the perfect table or tabletop for your office, studio, lounge or dining room.

      Multifunctional Y series

      Almost straight or very angled table legs made of steel or solid wood fit filigree under a monochrome or coloured table top. Now configure the Y table, which is perfect for meeting rooms, dining rooms and workspaces.

      Configurate Y table
      Universal M series

      The M table is reduced to the essentials and therefore extremely versatile. Whether monochrome or with an unusual colour combination, whether as a table, bench or stool. M table and get timeless all-rounders to live and work with.

      Configurate M table
      Technical T series

      Steplessly height-adjustable and therefore the ideal companion for daily work. T Configure the table and sit or stand ergonomically at the touch of a button. The technology of the table is invisible under high-quality materials.

      Configurate T table
      Classic E2 series

      Configure the classic table, designed by Adam Wieland and derived from the original design by Egon Eiermann from 1953. The E2 table presents itself with a simple and sophisticated tubular steel construction.

      Configurate E2 table

      Configure your table top

      Colourful linoleum table top

      Natural and high-quality material in fun and attractive colors and unusual shapes. The choice of configurable linoleum table tops is vast. There's one for every person's style.

      Configurate linoleum
      Solid melamin table top

      Withstands a lot, and is our reliable, standard work top. Simply monochrome, with natural real wood edges or as wood decor variant, the melamine table top easily adapts to a wide variety of environments.

      Configurate melamine

      Configure your table - step-by-step to your custom-made table

      We think that your furniture should adapt to you - and not the other way around. Do you think so too? Then this is the right place for you. With us you can configure your perfect table online from high-quality materials in almost infinite combination possibilities: for your office, your studio, your break room or your dining room.

      Combine our different frames and table tops and adapt them to your ideas. You decide on the size, shape and material of your table and match the colours with your taste and the spatial conditions. Decide for solid wood or stable steel tube, for a natural linoleum or solid melamine tabletop. You always have your design in mind when configuring your table, so feel free to play through everything until your design and budget match.

      No matter whether you want to configure a desk or a dining table from our series, we will provide you with the most important information on both topics beforehand, so that you are well prepared to design your desired table yourself.

      Configure your desk - ergonomically and individually

      Your new desk is waiting for you. Ergonomically height-adjustable for the office, with a sturdy worktop for the studio or in an optimised size for the home office: You assemble your individual desk step by step from your specifications and our components in the configurator.

      Find the distinctive shape for your freestanding desk or conference table, create a furniture statement in a bold colour combination. Or do you rather need an unusual format with little depth or oversized length? If you also want to work at your desk, choose a durable melamine tabletop.

      With our flexibly adjustable design classic E2, you'll find the ideal table height, even if you're very small or very tall. For healthy work alternating between sitting and standing, choose our technical table T with height adjustment at the touch of a button. Or, when configuring your desk, have only quickly available models displayed, because your coworking space urgently needs more working space.

      So that your choice doesn't become a torture, have a look at the respective options of our table series in front of your desk.

      To the desks
      Configure the dining table - take a seat, it's ready!

      A dining table where you like to sit, where your family and friends come together - and where you like to stay longer: Sounds good? Design a tailor-made dining table for your kitchen, dining room or office break room from durable materials and a huge selection of colours, shapes and sizes.

      Plan the dimensions of your table to the millimetre and make the most of the limited space in your small kitchen. Round off the corners so you don't have bruises on your leg all the time. But there's also something big: With table Y you can configure a dining table up to 3.20 m long, where everyone is guaranteed to find room. E.g. on benches and stools, which you can configure in table M.

      With beautiful wooden legs and a colourful linoleum tabletop, you can make your dining area warm and cosy. Or, when configuring the table, place a melamine tabletop on the frame. This gives you a hard-wearing all-round table that is not only easy to care for, but can also withstand the extensive everyday use in your family for many years.

      To the dining tables
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