Configure your desk - as individual as you are

Whether at home, in the office or in the studio - our desk should be as individual as the work we do at it and how our body needs it. That's why you can configure your ideal desk online in just a few steps: Design the furniture you spend so much time with yourself and adapt it to your body size, your space requirements and your aesthetic ideas.

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Cosa serve per configurare una scrivania?

Choose your dream combination from high-quality frames and durable tabletops to design your own desk. In our configurators, you can decide on the size, height and shape of your desk, choose the material, adapt the colours to your workspace and always keep an eye on your budget.

Design everything yourself: The details, such as the surface and possibly rounded corners of the tabletop, as well as the position of a cable aperture. And don't forget the matching accessories such as PC holders or cable ducts, with which you can create a lot of order. Sounds complex? Don't worry - we'll guide you through step by step so that you can configure and assemble your DIY desk quickly and easily.

Configurator table M

✔ Reduced and clear form

✔ Large selection of colours

✔ Also for thinner table tops

✔ For unusual table formats

✔ Also as a high worktable

Configurator table E2

✔ Inexpensive design classic

✔ Table top can lie loosely on the floor

✔ Angled adjustable table top

✔ Height adjustable up to the high table

✔ Lots of practical accessories

Configurator table Y

✔ Unmistakable object character

✔ 10 different table legs

✔ Large selection of colours

✔ Lots of legroom

✔ Filigree and yet stable

Configurator table T

✔ Healthy sitting or standing

✔ Electric infinitely variable height adjustment

✔ Save individual altitude settings

✔ Heavy-duty (up to 160 kg)

✔ Top technology at a top price

Configure your desk with the versatile Y series

Simply design and put together yourself: Create your own distinctive desk with object character from the Y series. Moderately to strongly inclined legs made of ash wood or tubular steel lend dynamism and lightness to its stable construction. The table frame, which is hidden in the middle under the top, ensures great load-bearing capacity. That's why you can load the Y desk heavily with files, even though its tabletop only seems to float above the filigree legs.

Combine light wooden legs and a linoleum tabletop with rounded corners for a warm look; strongly inclined, black tubular steel legs with a black melamine tabletop for a striking shape or make a furniture statement in bright colours. Configure a conference table up to 3.20 m long in the configurator. Or create your standing work table.

Configure desk with the classic E2 series

The timeless design classic from the 1950s is an integral part of any architectural office. With the lightweight tubular steel construction of the E2 frame and a melamine or linoleum tabletop that is usually loosely attached, you can configure a stable and durable desk. Even smaller people can work ergonomically at the lower of the two basic frames. With perfectly coordinated accessories, cables and PCs can be neatly mounted, the desk height can be varied up to 98 cm or a drafting table with a sloping tabletop can be realised. For more legroom, choose the offset cross brace for the Configure desk. A linoleum tabletop with rounded corners and chamfered edges gives your E2 desk a modern and even lighter look.

Configure your desk with the universal M series

A straight steel frame with four circumferential frames and a flush table top on top. This allows you to configure an M desk that will discreetly adapt to any interior, but can also be boldly colourful with 16 frame colours and over 20 tabletop colours. If you also need your desk to work on, M is ready to take on heavy loads, especially with our melamine tabletop. If you want to configure a desk with unusual aspect ratios, such as a very small, shallow desk, M is the perfect choice. The reduced steel frame leaves plenty of room for a roll container underneath, can be fitted with castors and looks best with a classic tabletop without rounded corners or bevelled edges.

Schreibtisch mit der technischen T Serie konfigurieren

The secret to working ergonomically at your desk? Sitting and standing alternately! Our technical table T makes both possible at the touch of a button. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the Plus version of its frame is infinitely height-adjustable from 65 to 125 cm: Ideal for very small or very tall people. You can save your individual height settings for a quick change during concentrated work. Visually far away from a cold table machine, T with its clear and straightforward design fits in with any contemporary working environment. When configuring your desk, choose configure your linoleum tabletop with elegantly rounded corners or bevelled edge for an even lighter look. Add the right accessories like cable conduit and PC holder to your desktop configuration with a single click.

Find the right tabletop for your desk

The versatile linoleum tabletop

With a high-quality linoleum tabletop, you have the most options for individual design at your desk configure. Choose the perfect tone for your workspace from 21 pleasant colours. If you choose a bevelled edge and rounded corners, you give your Y, E2 and T Series desk a lighter and softer look. A cable outlet in the right place ensures a tidy overall picture on the table. The firm but slightly elastic surface made of natural material has a pleasant feel and gives way pleasantly when writing and drawing.

The solid melamine table top

If you want to work at your desk as well, your worktop has to withstand a lot. Then you are well advised to use our melamine desk top, because its surface is extremely resistant and scratch-resistant. With the melamine desktop you can configure a solid and inexpensive desk. Available in black, white, different shades of grey and decors and different edge bands, it fits into any working environment.

Restrained or colourful?

A desk in the standard colours white, grey and black can be designed with all our table frames and tops. For a little more colour in the game, put one of our 21-colour linoleum desktops on your desk frame. If you want to do it all colourful, combine the coloured linoleum tops with the 16 special colours of the tubular steel frames Y or M. Friends of shiny chrome or lacquered crude steel will surely be happy with an E2 table. If you want to configure a desk with a warm and natural look, choose the ash wood legs of the Y table and a discreetly coloured linoleum top with a wooden edge.

Find the right working height when configuring the desk

No matter whether you want to work sitting or standing (or in healthy alternation) or whether you are very short or very tall: with us you can configure a desk that has the perfect working height for you.

Configure Y table

Choose your table in the standard seat height of 75 cm or in 100 cm as a standing table for working and meetings.

Configure M table

When configuring your desk, you can also choose between a table in sitting height (75 cm) and in standing height (95 cm). On request, we can cut the table legs to your desired length.

Configure E2 table

With the basic heights of 69 and 75 cm and separate height adjusters, you can flexibly design your individual table height. The low frame is perfect for shorter people. The higher base frame reaches a maximum height of 98 cm with long height adjusters.

Configure T table

With the basic heights of 69 and 75 cm and separate height adjusters, you can flexibly design your individual table height. The low frame is perfect for shorter people. The higher base frame reaches a maximum height of 98 cm with long height adjusters.

Accessories - Configuring the icing on the cake at your desk

If you're using your desk with PC and other electronic devices, you can keep things tidy with matching accessories. For example, a cable duct under the tabletop collects the many scattered device cables along with multiple plugs. With a PC holder, you can attach your computer neatly to the table frame. For the table series E2 and T we offer both in the respective frame colours at the desk configuration. For Y and M, you can choose a cable channel and PC holder in white, gray, and black.

Other accessories: Chairs and equipment

Make your workplace perfect: with our ergonomic desk chairs, high-quality workplace lamps, practical roll containers and innovative multiple sockets. Would you like a little more? Then take a look at the desk and configure our writing pads, note holders and pen boxes!