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Article No.4501069-001-ST
Flat steel brackets2 brackets à 3,0 x 500 x 25 mm (thickness x length x width). Powder coated (except for the chromed version).
Colours of flat steel bracketscolourless, silver grey, metallic grey, black, chrome-plated, white
PP stretch cords2 stretch cords à 1,0 x 600 x 25 mm. With push-in buckle and loop lock.
Rubber rings4 sliding rubber rings on the brackets serving as support

This newly designed computer mounting bracket for the table frame E2 consists of a steel bracket and a continuously adjustable stretch cord. The simple construction makes it possible to mount practically all mini or medium or maxi sized towers onto the table frame regardless of their weight. The new mount can, for example, even support the heaviest Apple Mac Pro without any problem.

Mounting is done as follows: you hook the loose loop lock on the stretch cord onto the bottom end of the steel bracket and run it under the computer tower. After determining the distance to the front of the housing and positioning the two rubber rings, which serve as support areas, as close as possible to the top and bottom of the housing (the housing is, after all, most stable at those points), you thread the second loop lock on the stretch cord over the top end of the steel bracket and pull very firmly on the top part of the strap.

Only when you have made certain that the bracket is firmly in place against the entire side of the housing do you then press with your other hand the open push-in buckle downwards and close it up. You then repeat the same procedure with the other bracket. Please note that the optimal fit of the mounting support depends on an adequate tension in the stretch cord; that is, the tighter the better! Once the computer has been properly belted up, it can then be hung on the side frame of the table frame either on the outside or the inside (under the table top).

PC holder for table frame E2

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