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      Do you already know our color samples? Or would you like to book an individual furniture consultation? We are also happy to help you with our assembly service.

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      Some variants of our tables are made individually at your request. The delivery time is then several weeks. Is that too long for you? Then let us only show you our variants that can be delivered quickly. Choose one of our popular colors and a standard size and the table will be with you within 3-4 days.




        Linoleum - natural, high quality, durable

        With the natural material linoleum, you choose a particularly high-quality table surface with a beautiful feel. You have the choice between numerous colours, 3 board cores and countless glues. Bevelled edges, cable aperture or rounded corners? With our versatile linoleum table tops, (almost) nothing is impossible.

        Melamine - robust, classic, inexpensive

        With melamine, you choose a particularly resistant and durable tabletop surface. Its robust properties make it the classic standard worktop. With a top price-performance ratio!

        HPL — hard-wearing, easy-care and extra matt

        With HPL, you choose our most hard-wearing table surface. The laminate coating is pressed under high pressure and is considered to be insensitive and robust. HPL table tops are convincing in a classic or colourful way and optionally with bevelled edges and rounded corners.

          Surface area

          For technical production reasons, we guarantee at least one faultless A-side of the table tops in the cut to size. Slight impairments of the surface quality of the B-side cannot be ruled out. This is no reason for a complaint.



          Real wood

          Plastic (ABS)

          Surface area


          Edge veneer (Core: blockboard)

          Polished edge (Multiplex Birch / MDF)

          Surface area

          Polished edge


          The standard corner radius of our table tops is 3 mm. With our linoleum table tops with a sanded edge, you can also choose more rounded corners with a 25 mm or 50 mm radius - for a less solid, soft, and contemporary appearance. The two larger radii are particularly popular in combination with a beveled panel edge.

          Round standard dimensions

          Ø 120 cm

          Standard rectangular dimensions

          138 x 68 cm

          160 x 80 cm

          180 x 90 cm

          200 x 90 cm


            Pillar base

            Color pillar

            Color pillar base

            Pillar base

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            For those in a hurry, we offer a special selection of tables that are immediately available. These T series classics are with you in a few days.

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