Configure your dining table - Design your table for life

Whether you're looking for a sturdy family table for the kitchen, a fine dining table for your dining room or a cosy mini-dining area in the living room, we can configure a dining table that fits in perfectly with your home and your life. And benches and stools are included.

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Ready to configure: Our dining tables at a glance

It is an open secret that for many of us the dining table is the unbeaten centre of our home. This is where you can have a quick breakfast, have a good time with friends, have long family evenings and do your children's homework.

Variety: The Y Series

✔ Expressive free in space
✔ Table legs in solid wood or tubular steel
✔ Large selection of colours
✔ Up to 3,20 m length
✔ Also available with round tabletop

Timeless: The M Series

✔ Reduced, stable frame
✔ Lots of legroom
✔ Unusual table formats
✔ Large selection of colours
✔ Also seat and stool configurable

Design classics: The E2 series

✔ Lightweight yet stable
✔ Legroom with central cross
✔ Rounded corners possible
✔ Also with low height
✔ Beautiful in combination with tubular steel chairs

Dining table with the varied Y series

Y shows its strength as a dining table especially when it can stand freely in the room. Because then it can position itself expressively with its slightly to strongly inclined wooden or tubular steel legs.

Let yourself be inspired by the endless combination possibilities when configuring the dining table: Solid wooden ash or oak legs and a natural linoleum tabletop with rounded corners make your dining area warm and cosy. Your dining table looks clear and dynamic with inclined tubular steel legs and a simple melamine tabletop. Or, with the dining table DIY, reach into the colour pot and combine one of the 16 frame colours with the 21 colours of the linoleum table top.

With the Y series you can configure a large dining table (up to 3.20 m long) as well as the square format for the small kitchen or the round dining table for a communicative togetherness.

Configuring the dining table with the timeless M Series

At the M table everyone can sit all around with plenty of legroom. This is made possible by its linear, reduced steel frame. With the M Series you have the most possibilities to configure a dining table with an unusual format, e.g. for the mini dining area in the difficult to cut kitchen or the narrow and long dining room. Maybe you're more of a kitchen counter type: then choose a table frame 95 cm high with a shallow depth when configuring the dining table.

Or configure the matching stool or bench from the M series to go with your dining table. Then everyone can move together when one more guest comes to eat. Try configuring the dining table with M and the interesting colour combinations with our linoleum table tops in over 20 colours. Or choose a hard-wearing melamine surface to the stable M frame, with which your dining table masters everyday use in the best way.

Configuring the dining table with the classic E2 series

Our classic desk from the 1950s, the E2 frame, also cuts a wonderful figure as a dining table: wonderfully light and filigree, it adorns the large dining room or small kitchen.

If you want to configure a dining table from the E2 series, we recommend a frame with a central cross strut to ensure legroom from both sides. If it should be possible for someone to sit on all four sides, you should configure the dining table so that the table top protrudes as far as possible in the longitudinal direction of the frame.

Choose a linoleum tabletop with rounded corners and chamfered edge for a modern and lightweight look. If you want to combine several E2 tables into one large dining table, better choose a frame with offset cross struts.

Modulor Tip

By the way, our Comeback and 118 tubular steel chairs go particularly well with the lightweight round steel tube of the E2 frames.

If you use E2 as a dining table, you should not only place the table top loosely on the frame, but also screw it down. You will find suitable table top supports under table accessories when configuring the dining table.

The matching tabletop for your dining table

Everyday hero: The robust dining table

Probably the tabletop of your dining table has to withstand a lot: hot coffee cups, spilled liquids, mouldy plates, painting children and wild dice games. Everyday life.

Choose the dining table to configure our sturdy, durable melamine tabletop, because its durable and scratch-resistant surface bravely endures extensive everyday use. The slightly pearled surface even more so than the smooth version. The impact-resistant melamine resin coating conceals an equally stable foundation: a certified and thus pollutant-free chipboard. And after an eventful day, you can simply wipe the tabletop with a damp cloth and ordinary cleaning agents.

Dining table in different colours and shapes

Do you want your dining table to match the colour of your home? Among the 21 surface colours of our high-quality linoleum tabletop, you will find the right tone guaranteed when configuring your dining table. And that's not all: you also decide which colour or type of wood the edge of your tabletop should have - so that everything goes well with furniture and flooring. When configuring the dining table, choose a tabletop with rounded corner radii and/or bevelled edge. This will give your dining table the final touch and a light and soft look.

With a linoleum tabletop you decide to configure your dining table for a pleasant, warm surface made of natural material, which is not only non-slip and heat resistant up to 70 °C for a short time, but also antibacterial, oil and grease resistant.

How about a round dinner table?

If you have the space, you should think about configuring a round dining table. There's hardly a more comfortable and communicative way to sit down with family or guests in a literally convivial atmosphere. With us you can design your own round dining table with the Y table frame and a linoleum top.

It becomes especially cosy when you choose table legs made of solid ash or oak wood. Our round tabletops have a diameter of 1.20 m - big enough for a meal with four people and small enough that you don't feel lost with your coffee cup alone.

Choose a frame in the configurator table Y and decide between a round HPL or linoleum top. You might also like our finished round tables Y7 and Y8, which are cheaper in comparison due to their standard model.

Take a seat at the dining table: The matching chairs & more

Stackable Chairs

After configuring the dining table, take your sights off the matching chairs: Do you prefer the uniform seating group in light wood or unobtrusive black or do you like it cheerfully colourful with a multi-coloured chair mix on your large table?

Seat Cushions & Seat Cushions

Colour accents (and even more seating comfort) can also be brought into play with matching, easily replaceable felt seat cushions.

Stools and Benches

By the way, when configuring the dining table with the M table, you can immediately design the matching bench seat. Or choose several square stools. You can also quickly build a bench from them if one more guest comes to eat.

Configurator Shelf Z

You can design a practical sideboard at the dining table for storing pots or dishes, cutlery, candlesticks and napkins yourself with our Modulor Z shelving system.