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The ideal dining table: 8 people

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The right size for your dining table

What dimensions are actually ideal for a dining table for 8 people? There are various options for this and a rule of thumb: 60 cm in width and 40 cm in depth for each dining table place per person. So, for a square dining table, 240 cm in length and 80 cm in width come together. If it can be more, it is even more beautiful, because then there is still enough space for bowls, carafes and flowers on your dining table. 8 people can also sit opposite each other at a square dining table, which has the dimensions 160 cm x 160 cm, or at a round dining table with a diameter of 160 cm.

In small rooms and for tighter seating arrangements, a compressed 200 x 80 cm is quite sufficient. This is not ideal, but it is feasible. For all these possibilities and your desired format, we offer you the appropriate frame and a wide selection of different table tops. Ideally, you equip your dining group for 8 people with the matching chairs. Our models without armrests are easy to slide under the table and the stacking chairs are easy to store. Alternatively, you can also design benches in your desired format from our M series. These are particularly space-saving and can even be stowed under a square kitchen table with the dimensions 140 cm x 140 cm.

Color or non-color for your dining table: We have the answer

In addition to the table size and shape, color plays a crucial role in the design of your ideal dining table. For 8 people and the recommended dimensions, we offer our colorful linoleum tops with pleasant surface feel as table tops. You can choose to combine the linoleum colors with a dimensionally stable bar top with the edging of your choice, with MDF in gray or anthracite, or with a multiplex core.

Versatile and robust in various shades of white and gray, in black and concrete or wood look, on the other hand, are the melamine tabletops available. New in the program you will find our HPL table tops in white, gray and black on a multiplex board, which can be beveled and rounded in the desired format.

Our tip

You can bring even more color into play by choosing the table legs. With the M or Y series, you can even make your dining table tone-in-tone - how about a dining table all in green or orange, for example? For a subtle look, we stock the Y frame in standard black and the M table in white and metallic gray. And because metallic gray is so timeless and adaptable, we've added it to the classic colors of the E2 frame - chrome, black, white, silver gray and colorless.

Create your ideal dining table for 8 people

The versatile Y dining table: 8 people

The versatile Y dining table: 8 people

Of all our table bases, our Y series is the most versatile. You can choose between metal legs in square or round shape. For the round metal legs, you have the choice between the slightly and the more inclined version, which gives your dining table a special contour. If you like it natural, choose for your dining table wooden legs in oak, white ash or black ash. As the only model, the table frame of the Y dining table for 8 people can also be combined with a round table top. In the square version, your Y dining table should have a minimum size of 160 x 160 cm, so that all chairs can be moved in without any problems.

The universal M dining table: 8 people

Our M series is universal because it is also the perfect base for large-format dining room tables for 8 people with a length of up to 200 cm. You can even place thinner plates on the surrounding frames without fear of sagging. Because the table legs are straight at the outer corners, this frame offers the greatest space comfort. As a rectangular or square version, the M dining table also fits visually into small or large rooms. And best of all: to match your dining group for 8 people, the M frame can also be designed as a bench and practically stored under your dining group. 

The classic E2 dining table

Originally designed as a work and drawing table for budding architects, the E2 has become an integral part of domestic kitchens and dining rooms. The filigree frame also looks good with large tabletops. For a dining table for 8 people, it may be the maximum 240 cm in length, so that everyone can sit opposite each other. If 8 people are evenly distributed around your dining table, 220 cm is also sufficient. In any case, you should choose the central cross for your dining table, so that all table guests have enough legroom. If you still want to equip your dining table with casters, choose the 66 cm high frame to achieve a comfortable sitting height. We strongly recommend using the matching plate booster with these table sizes.

The right dimensions of your choice: your dining table for 8 people

The ideal companions at your dining table for 8 people

The all-rounder: tubular steel chair Arno 417

This classic with steel tubes impresses with its variety of colors and elegantly curved appearance, which finds a place at any dining table. Fitted with plastic glides, the stackable chairs are gentle on materials and floors.

The ergonomic one: Glyph

Ergonomic aluminum chair Glyph convinces with its minimalist look and variation. It is available in different colors and both with and without armrests. The pleasantly springy backrest allows you to sit together for a long time at your new dining set.

More color: Felt seat covers

The ideal accessory for your chairs is the seat cover made of felt. It is a great eye-catcher and brings good mood to your dining table. In addition, it is comfortable and warm, because it is made of 100% wool felt. Of course, the matching small coasters for your dining room table can not be missing.