Your perfect dining table: 6 people

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The right size for your dining table

To configure your perfect dining table, start with the most important thing: the table size. For 6 people, the standard dimensions of 180 x 90 cm are ideal, so everyone can sit opposite each other. If you like to serve more lavishly and want your guests to sit at the front as well, choose generous dimensions of up to 220 x 100 cm for your dining table. 6 people sit comfortably together at a round table from the Y series with a minimum diameter of 120 cm.

Last but not least, the configuration you choose also depends on the space you need: In summary, these are your table dimensions plus double the chair depth plus 30 cm each for moving chairs when standing up. So your dining area for 6 people needs at least 340 x 250 cm room depth, the round dining room table at least 280 x 280 cm.

But not always the space conditions give the optimum and then it is called to move together. Thus, for a kitchen table with narrow seating, where only 50 cm in width remain for a seat and at the same time the head ends are used, the standard size of 160 x 80 cm is a good compromise. Many quickly available variants and reliable delivery within and outside Germany speak for this.

Colorful accents for your dining table: 6 people

To give your dining room table for 6 people your individual touch, we offer you several options. On the one hand, you can choose a colored linoleum tabletop and select the perfect tone from a whole color palette, or you can go for a cozy wooden tabletop for your dining table. For a subtle and simple look, we offer melamine tabletops in plain colors (white, gray, black).

For your round dining table for 6 people, we offer table tops in diameter of 120 cm in various wood veneers, multiplex, black MDFwhite melamine and white HPL. Here is something for every taste.

The full range of choice for your individual dining table: 6 persons

On the other hand, your table frame can also become a colorful eye-catcher. Our M and Y table series offers you the possibility to choose freely from over ten colors. You are looking for something more discreet? For example, a dining table in white for 6 people, black or gray? Our quick-delivery standard colors are black for Y and metallic gray and white for M. These colors blend in very well with the existing living environment and bring the action on the dining table to the forefront.

The versatile Y dining room table: 6 people

Our Y series is a true wonder of combinability. With metal legs in round or square or with wooden legs in white ash, black ash or oak in round or semicircular shape, your dining table can be configured completely according to your wishes. Also in the form of the dining table, this frame is flexible: 6 people it offers both square and round table tops the appropriate base. In combination with one of our wood veneer tops you can create a noble wooden table. Due to the slight inclination of the table legs, your dining table will look particularly striking without losing functionality. However, the round metal legs with a 30° angle of inclination offer less legroom and are therefore better suited for a more generous seating arrangement or for dining tables for 8 or more people. 

The universal M dining table: 6 people

The M table is now an absolute favorite. Because it is so straight and so practical and so good without frills. With the M series simply everything succeeds. As a compressed kitchen table, as a compact dining table or as a comfortable dining room table, you can adapt it to your ideas in the dimensions up to 200 cm and also individualize it in terms of color. The straight-lined construction with the surrounding frames holds even thinner table tops and offers the greatest possible use of space. Legs, table legs and chair legs definitely don't get in each other's way here. And best of all, benches and thus an entire dining group for 6 people can also be made to fit. The M Series shelf is currently under construction and will be available soon. We are already looking forward to the new addition.    

The classic E2 dining table: 6 people

No question - the E2 is also timelessly classic as a dining room table and fits with the standard dimensions 180 x 90 cm also in your living world. Even for larger formats up to 240 cm table length and 120 cm width, the E2 can be used, so that guests can also sit at the head end. If the table top is smaller, the side part will hinder legroom. In any case, it is important to choose the frame with a central cross brace and to provide it with the appropriate tabletop reinforcements - only then will it be really stable in the long run. For mobile use, choose the low frame and equip it with casters. If your dining table for 6 people has its fixed place in the dining room, choose the optimal table height of 72 cm. If you need it higher, the E2 is the only model that offers height adjusters. So the classic remains timeless and adaptable. 

Suitable dimensions and table sizes for 6 people

Choose the dimensions and the right model for your dining table.

Matching accessories for your dining table: 6 people

The classic: tubular steel chair 118

Classic tubular steel chair 118 is ideal for your new dining group for 6 people thanks to its slim and timeless shape. It is a great accent in both classic colors and colorful tones. The ergonomically shaped wooden seat offers great comfort and invites you to sit comfortably for a long time. 

The nostalgic: Comeback 041

Especially for a small dining table, the tubular steel chair Comeback 041 is suitable due to its simple and functional design. This makes your dining group look airy and light. Here, too, we offer you a choice of different colors for your individual look.

More color: Felt seat covers

The ideal accessory for your chairs is the seat cover made of felt. It is a great eye-catcher and brings good mood to your dining table. In addition, it is comfortable and warm, because it is made of 100% wool felt. Of course, the matching small coasters for your dining room table can not be missing.