The ideal dining table: 4 people

So that at your dining table 4 people can sit comfortably, just give everyone enough space. 

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The right size for your dining table

It should be 60 cm in width and 40 cm in depth. Then your dining room table for 4 people has a total size of 120 x 80 cm, so that 2 people sit opposite each other. If you still want to place a vase, candles and the salad bowl within easy reach for everyone on the dining table, then add up to 20 cm in depth. Surprise guests can sit down comfortably at the front side. Or you can buy a dining table for 6 or 8 people and invite your friends more often. If you have little space and you use your dining table for 4 people mainly as a kitchen table for breakfast, a model in the size 80 x 80 cm from our Y or M table series is also sufficient. 

If you like it round, your dining table should have at least 80 cm in diameter. If it can be more, choose the right size from our wooden table tops or opt for our table Y7 or Y8.

Color variety for your dining table. 4 people can find space here.

So that your dining table (4 people) blends into your home color scheme or stands out as an eye-catcher, you have the option to determine the color of your tabletop as well as that of the frame.

When it comes to tabletops, you have the choice between wooden tabletops in brown tones for a natural look, subtle melamine tabletops in a color palette ranging from white to shades of gray to black, and linoleum tabletops, where you can choose your perfect tone from more than 20 colors.

What color do you want the frame of your dining table for 4 to be? Do you want to set a special accent here or should the table frame fit into your room concept? Our Modulor table frames offer a wide range of colors.

Our quickly available classic standard colors are black for the Y series, the M series we offer in metallic gray and white, the E2 frame in the tones: white, black, metallic gray, colorless, chrome and gray.

If you want more variety for your dining table, we offer a palette of more than 10 great special colors for the Y and M series. For a one-time surcharge of 75 € we manufacture these especially for you!

Type diversity made easy: the ideal dining table for 4 people is always the one you design.

The versatile Y dining room table: 4 people

The Y series brings diversity in material and shape to your dining table. Instead of a square table, the Y Series allows four people to sit together at a round table with a wooden tabletop. You can choose between metal and wooden legs. For the perfect Nordic style, choose wooden legs made of oak, white ash or black ash - either in a semicircular or round shape. If metal is your favorite, the square versions offer the most legroom under your dining table for 4. The round, more inclined legs we recommend for dining groups for 8 people and more.

The classic E2 dining table: 4 people

E2 series has long been considered a classic even among dining tables. However, there are some subtleties to consider when choosing the frame. If you use it as a dining table (4 people), configure it with a minimum length of 150 cm and choose the central cross. In this way, you will provide your guests with sufficient comfort when two sit next to each other at the table. If you want to equip your dining table with additional casters, choose the lower frame so that 4 people can sit comfortably. When using the table as a dining table, it is advisable to screw the table top with plate supports. We recommend using the plate booster for thinner table tops to prevent sagging. 

Suitable dimensions and table sizes for 4 people

Choose the dimensions and the right model for your dining table.

The perfect addition to your dining table

The nostalgic: Comeback 041

The nostalgic: Comeback 041

Especially for a small dining table, the tubular steel chair Comeback 041 is suitable due to its simple and functional design. This makes your dining group look airy and light. Here, too, we offer you a choice of different colors for your individual look.

The classic: tubular steel chair 118

The classic: tubular steel chair 118

The tubular steel chair 118 in a classic slim shape fits perfectly to your new dining table group. The ergonomically shaped wooden seat offers great comfort and invites you to sit comfortably for long periods of time. For more colorful accents, we offer the 118 tubular steel chair in timeless colors.

 As a color accent: Felt seat cover

As a color accent: Felt seat cover

The perfect complement to our tubular steel chairs is the felt seat cover. Not only is it a great color accent for your dining table set, it is also very comfortable and warming as it is made of 100% wool felt. For the complete look, we offer the matching smaller table coasters to complement it.