Your individual large dining table: 12 people can be seated here

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The right size for your dining table

So that all 12 people can sit comfortably at your dining table, you should plan enough space for everyone. For this, you calculate 60 cm for the table length and 40 cm for the table width per seat. If all 12 people are to sit opposite each other at your dining table, the total dimensions are 360 cm long and 80 cm wide. If the ends of your dining table (12 people) are also used as a seat for one person, the table dimensions are 300 x 80 cm. If two people sit at each end, you can expect a table size of 240 x 120 cm. Should your dining table be square and offer space for 12 people? Then choose the table size of 180 x 180 cm.

Wide design scope for large dining tables

To make your new dining table fit into your home not only in terms of space, but also in terms of color, we offer you not only a choice of colored table bases, but also colored table tops. Our largest table top is 320 cm long, 3 cm thick and is coated with linoleum. You can choose from many real wood veneers and great colors to create your personal favorite combination. Our melamine table tops have a maximum dimension of 275 cm, are 19 or 25 mm thick and also have a straight edge. The neutral surface colors (black, white, different shades of gray) are great to combine with different real wood veneers.

Colorful accents can also be set for the table frames. Our Y frame offers solid wood legs (whitened ash, oak, black ash) and neutral black metal legs as standard. For more color, we can also dye the metal legs for you. You can choose from over 10 colors here. For your square dining table (12 persons) you can also choose our M frame. We offer this as standard in white and metallic gray. But also here you can configure your colored table frame from a colorful palette.

Find your suitable table frame

There is something for every interior style in our table frame series.

The versatile Y dining table: 12 people

Not only long dining room tables for 12 people can be configured with our Y series. Square dining tables are also easy to implement with it. The stable frame is ideal for large formats and can be selected with metal or wooden legs. So it fits visually into any home. If you have an uneven floor, you can easily solve this problem with the integrated levelers.

The universal M dining table: 12 people

You are looking for a classic square dining table (12 people)? With our M table frame, white and metallic gray are the standard colors, which integrate great in any environment. Or you can choose an eye-catching color to set an accent in your home. The sturdy frame offers enough space due to the legs moved to the edges of the table. The integrated level adjusters ensure a firm stand.

Your individual dining table for 12 people: Dimensions and sizes

Large dining table for 12 people seeks matching accessories

Timeless and comfortable: tubular steel chair 118

The classic among the chairs is the tubular steel chair 118. It is timeless, simple and convinces with its ergonomically shaped seat shell, which invites you to sit together for a long time. Due to its reduced design, it fits perfectly to your new dining group and is available in many colors.

Compact and functional: Comeback 041

Especially for large dining tables (12 people), the Comeback 041 with its slim shape is ideal. This way, many people can sit next to each other without any problems and in a space-saving way. Also here we offer you a choice of different colors for your individual look.

Round and square: Felt seat cover

For small colorful accents at your dining room table for 12 people provide the felt seat covers in round or square. They are not only very comfortable but also have a warming function, as they are made of 100% wool felt. For the complete look, we offer the matching smaller table coasters as a complement.

Stable and colorful: Z Shelf

So that in your new dining room also everything finds its place, our Z shelf is the ideal companion. Whether as a room divider, classic on the wall or around the corner, the Z shelf is multifunctional in its use. And for the perfect look, you can choose from over ten colors.

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