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Your perfect dining table: 10 people

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The right size for your dining table

For a comfortable seating experience at your dining table, the table size should be sufficient above all. If you give each guest about 60 cm in table length and 40 cm in width, that's a very comfortable dining table space. Calculated this way, your large dining table for 10 people adds up to a stately total length of 300 cm and a total width of 80 cm if everyone wants to sit across from each other.

To place additional serving dishes, extend your dining table by up to 20 cm to a total width of 100 cm. However, a smaller table size of 250 x 80 cm is also conceivable if people are sitting and eating closer together. If the head sides are also to be occupied, your dining table for 10 people can also be 260 x 100 cm. This does not mean that smaller dimensions are not permissible, especially if everyone sits together only now and then. Then at your dining table for 10 people can also find their place at a compact 200 x 120 cm.

If you want your dining group to be round, there is a simple formula for calculating the table size: the diameter of the table top in cm multiplied by pi. Divide the quotient by the width of the individual dining table space and you get a value that indicates the number of people. Thus, a narrow seating arrangement with a width of 55 cm results in a minimum size of 180 cm for your dining table for 10 people. You can contact our sales team with a request for this or get advice on site about the possibilities for your desired format.

We bring color to the game and to your dining table for 10 people

For an extra dose of color at your dining table, we offer several variations and options. If color is important to you and you prefer a natural feel, you should opt for a colored linoleum tabletop. From over 20 colors, you can choose your favorite color to put on the tabletop core of your choice. If colored is your favorite color, you can also have the metal legs of the M and Y series painted in the special colors.

If you prefer your dining table for 10 people to be discreet, opt for the quickly available standard colors of the table frames in metallic gray or white of our M series, or in black for the Y table. The E2 table frame is also available in chrome, silver-grey and the colorless lacquered version. All frames can be complemented with a melamine tabletop in white, various shades of gray, black or in concrete or walnut look. A sturdy HPL tabletop is another alternative if you want to keep your dining group for 10 people in white, gray or black.

For Scandinavian design lovers, we offer various wood veneer tops in standard sizes and in round format with different diameters. A round dining table can also be designed with an MDF or melamine multiplex top and combined with the matching Y table frame.

Shape variety made easy: design your ideal dining table for 10 people

The versatile Y dining table: 10 people

The versatile Y dining table: 10 people

Often it is the invisible things that have great significance. The Y series, for example, owes its name to the connecting element, which is shaped like a Y and connects the table legs to the table frames. This creates a table frame with immense load capacity of up to 150 kg and many variation possibilities. Both round and square table tops with a maximum table size of 320 x 180 cm can be supported. There is a choice of metal table legs in square or round shape with a total of three tilt angles. Optionally, wooden legs in black or whitewashed ash or oak with a round or semicircular shape can also be mounted on the structure. Even a standing table with a height of 100 cm can be designed with the Y series and used, for example, as a kitchen island in the dining area.

The universal M dining table: 10 people

The universal M dining table: 10 people

The M series is ideal for all dining tables that need to be space-saving, simple and yet shapely. The wrap-around frames allow thinner tabletops to rest well. With the table legs placed entirely at the outer corners, the design provides the most legroom in and around the dining table area. With a maximum overall size of 200 x 140 cm, the M table is a true space-saver even as a dining table for 10 people. In combination with matching benches, it fills even small dining corners perfectly. A high table can also be realized with this frame and converted into a mobile counter with separately available castors. Our counter chairs are a suitable addition for this.

The classic E2 dining table: 10 people

The classic E2 dining table: 10 people

For a long time, not only connoisseurs and lovers of the architect's table use the so-called Eiermann frame as a dining table. For 10 people, the filigree frame should be equipped with the maximum tabletop size of 240 x 120 cm. And with the central cross brace is also guaranteed sufficient legroom on all sides. If the dining table is to be used multifunctionally and casters are to be used for this purpose, the 66 cm high side section is the right choice for achieving a comfortable sitting height. With height adjusters, this frame can be further customized. The plate booster is indispensable for this size of dining table to avoid sagging of the plate.

The right table sizes for your dining table for 10 people

Everything about your dining table for 10 people

The all star among chairs: Tubular steel chair 118

Guests like to sit on this chair for longer periods of time because the wide and ergonomically shaped seat shell and supportive backrest offer the greatest possible comfort. With its reduced, timeless design, it is also visually an ideal complement to all our dining table series and is available in almost 20 different color variants.

The all-rounder in the dining room: The Z shelf.

This own design from Modulor brings everything it needs for a stable and colorful ambience around the dining room table. The shelf can be expanded as needed, can be freestanding as a corner shelf, as a room divider or mounted on the wall. Over ten colors are available to choose from.

The all-rounder among the pendant luminaires: Nordlux Avra

These minimal pendant lights in black, brass, copper or chrome provide a special bright spot in your dining area. In combination with the matching lamps, they create a warm atmosphere and illuminate your dining table ideally.