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Copic - The epitome of layout markers

The Copic brand has managed to establish its pens as the epitome of the layout marker for a reason. The foundation of their success lies primarily in the ink itself. The alcohol-based ink can be blended without streaks and, unlike water-based inks, does not dissolve printer or toner ink.

Accessories such as the Copic Blender can be used to work out smooth transitions, brightenings and corrections. You can choose from a total of 358 shades of the quick-drying, smudge-proof and waterproof ink. If that's not enough, the colors can also be mixed with each other - so you won't find the end of the rainbow!

The different pens with their different tips and various accessories are by far not only suitable for comic and manga illustrations. They also enjoy lasting popularity in the field of product and graphic design as well as among architects.