Lead sheets

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Information about lead sheets

The softness of this material allows it to be easily crinkled and creased and makes it great for use as a decoration material. The toxicity of lead is problematical: it should not be allowed to come into contact with food, should only be worked with while wearing gloves and shouldn’t be thrown away in the normal household trash. When using lead, its high weight should be taken into consideration: 5.7 kg/m² when 0.5 mm thick.

Cutting work can be done with a blade or a shears; soldering should be done with tin or lead solder and a soldering iron (care must be taken in this work because the melting points of solder and lead are very close to one another). Gluing work can be done with two component glue like, for example, those based on EPOXY or CYANOACRYLATE; in model making, UHU Hard or RUDERER plastic glue can also be used.