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Steel sheets

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Information about steel sheets

Raw steel will rust very easily and can produce very interesting surfaces as a result. It will rust even faster when the thin coat of grease from the production process is removed by, for example, grain alcohol. Great looking effects can be produced on its surface by means of chemical baths or use of an oven. Sheet steel is galvanised so as to prevent rust forming on it. Along its cut edges the raw steel is not galvanised and this area will therefore tend to rust.

Cutting work on sheet steel with a thickness of up to 1 mm can be done with a metal snips; thicker sheets must be cut with either electric or hydraulic tools. Raw sheet steel can be welded or brazed. Galvanised sheet steel is difficult to braze and doesn’t take well to welding either.

Gluing work can be done with two component adhesives like, for example, those based on EPOXY or CYANOACRYLATE. In model making, both RUDERER plastic glue and UHU Hard can also be used.