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  • Copper sheets
    6 Variants
    Copper sheets
    from 4,00 €
    medium hard, smooth, one side with protective film (starting at thicknesses of 0.5 mm)
  • Copper pre-cut strips
    3 Variants
    Copper pre-cut strips
    from 4,00 €
    soft, smooth
  • Copper sheets custom cutting
    2 Variants
    Copper sheets custom cutting
    from 145,00 €
    Surface : smooth, one side has protective film (from 0.5 mm), Material hardness: semi-hard
  • Copper strips
    Copper strips
    from 32,80 €
    soft, smooth
Information about Copper sheets

Copper takes to soldering extremely well. Gluing work can be done with two component glue like, for example, those based on cyanoacrylate; in model making, UHU HARD or RUDERER plastic glue can also be used. The sheets can be cut with a SHEARS or a BLADE as long as it is not thicker than 0.2 mm. For larger thicknesses, METAL SNIPS or a saw with a metal blade are recommended.

Interesting SURFACE EFFECTS can be achieved by means of a PATINATION AGENT or self-made chemical baths.

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