Buy the ideal conference table for up to 20 people online

Ideal for large gatherings, good conversations and productive meetings: there is room for many people at a conference table. Configure your meeting table to measure or as a set with matching chairs.

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How many people do you need a conference table for?

How big is your team? Do you have regular external participants? Clarify important questions about the required table size in advance, so that everyone can find a comfortable seat at your conference table. Basically, you should allow for a seat width of about 60 cm for each person at the table. You can then conveniently enter the dimensions in the configurator.

We recommend our Y table frame as the basis for your meeting table. It is particularly versatile, so that you can easily adapt it to your taste and your premises. Would you like a classic, long table or a wide conference table with several people at the front? The Y table adapts to your ideas.

Conference table for 8 people

A conference table for 8 people should be at least 180 cm long. So there is room for one person at each end and three people per long side. With a width of 90 cm you can do everything right with a meeting table of this size, so that your team can hold productive meetings in small groups.

Conference table for 10 people

Do you need space at your conference table for 10 people? Then the ideal table length starts at 240 cm, if there should be room for one person at the forehead. Alternatively, you can have two people sit at each end of your conference table. The dimensions in this case are at least 180 cm x 120 cm. From this size we recommend that you additionally equip the Y table with slightly inclined table legs. This makes your meeting table appear light and dynamic despite its size.

Conference table for 12 people

A conference table for 12 people can get really long. If you plan such a long table, expect at least 300 cm table length. With such table dimensions, up to three people can sit at the front of your conference table instead of one. Instead of a size of 300 cm x 90 cm, almost square formats such as 240 cm x 180 cm can be realised. With its strongly inclined table legs, the Y table offers a pleasant place for meetings at eye level. Despite its large tabletop and stable Y table frame made of steel, the conference table looks light-footed and elegant.

Conference table for 14 to 20 people

Do you need more space? Gladly! If you need a very large conference table for up to 20 people, take a look at our workbench. We will make you a suitable offer and try everything to make your personally designed meeting table a reality. Whether for 14, 16, 18 or even 20 people: Give us a call or send an e-mail with your request to our sales team. We look forward to hearing from you.

Buy chairs for your conference table

Comfortable seating is also important during meetings. Therefore, remember to buy the right chairs for your conference table online so that everyone can work optimally. Stacking chairs have proven themselves in practice.

Steel-tube chair 118

For example, choose our steel tube chair 118 with ergonomically shaped wooden seat. It offers great comfort, is sturdily built and available in 15 different colours.

Comeback 041

Pure nostalgia comes up with the steel tube chair Comeback 041. This model is a contemporary further development of the GDR classic with the designation 3101 and rightly bears the name Comeback.

Striking seat cushions and flexible stools

If the meeting takes longer, we recommend comfortable and discreet seat cushions made of wool felt (round or square, in more than 15 colours). Rolling side stools such as our Modulor work stool are ideal for very large meetings that take place only rarely.

Start designing your meeting table now!

Get started right away and also think about the accessories you need for your conference table when configuring it. For example, give your conference phone cable a cable outlet and use a cable duct to hide it directly under the tabletop. If you need a conference table and chairs, add your favorite model to your shopping cart.

Configuring the Conference Table

In our configurator you can easily select and change the dimensions, colour and equipment of your table. If everything meets your expectations, you can then buy your conference table conveniently online.

Order matching chairs at the same time

With the right chairs, everyone feels comfortable at your conference table. Choose one of our sturdy and comfortable chairs and create your own monochrome or colourful conference table set.