Conference table in black: Classically elegant productivity centre

Is your room flooded with light or is it large and bright? Then you can set an elegant accent with a conference table in black. Discover your possibilities and design your modern conference table individually or as a set with chairs.

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Why your conference table should be black

A large and dark conference table attracts attention in bright rooms. Combined with white wall paint, the result is a timeless black and white look that could hardly be more purist. A black conference table represents strength and seriousness. But that's not all: you still have a free choice of colours for both the table frames and the table tops. All variants are not only available in black, but also in many different colours. So you can design your black table top or your black table frame according to your preferences and add colour accents.

This is how fascinating a conference table in black looks

Y Table: The filigree modern

The Y table in black is a modern conference table that blends in with your room in an ingenious way. Its inclined table legs run inwards and create an exciting effect. The more the table legs are inclined, the more the tabletop seems to float above the frame. Of course, it doesn't actually do that, but is of course permanently mounted. Nevertheless, even a large black conference table is given a subtle lightness that makes it appear almost filigree.

M Table: The purist universal

Your conference table in black is supposed to be very simple in the first place? Then take a look at the M table. Its table legs are located at the corners of the tabletop and provide enormous legroom. Equip it with a black linoleum tabletop, for example, which you can design to suit your individual needs. The pleasant feel of the linoleum will certainly inspire you, because it is excellent for writing and drawing on. A table edge edging in multiplex birch can create variety for the eye. This gives you a strong accent that forms a beautiful frame around the black of your conference table. Take a look at the configurator to see how a coloured table edge or an edge made of real wood can make your black conference table look like.

How many people do you need a black conference table for?

If you want to buy a black conference table online, the right measurements are important. After all, everyone should be able to sit comfortably at it. We will show you how big your black conference table should be for 8, 10, 12 or up to 20 people. You can also select seating to match. This will get you to your destination quickly and you can buy a complete set of black conference table and chairs. If required, you can of course also purchase other accessories for your conference table. Now determine the right size for your meeting table.