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  • Child´s table E2 (set)
    Child´s table E2 (set)
    from 275,00 €
    frame/tabletop set: Kidz table frame E2 (steel pipe, round: 2 white side frames for offset crossbars, height is 520 mm, depth is 600 mm; 2 white crossbar struts, length is 1000 mm, 4 galvanized height adjusters for...
  • Skin whiteboard
    3 Variants
    Skin whiteboard
    from 60,70 €
    white painted surface, magnetic, size of usable space: 550 x 750 mm or 750 x 1150 mm or 1000 x 1500, th = 10 mm, usable in landscape or portrait format, optional light grey rail tray, includes mounting set and...
  • Children's chair Comeback 041, stackable
    8 Variants
    Children's chair Comeback 041, stackable
    from 69,00 €
    steel-tube frame with 4 legs; round tubes, ø 18, wall thickness = 1.5 mm, glossy chrome-plated, with black PVC floor gliders; seat area made from beech laminated (10 x) shaped wood, th = 9 mm; backrest made from...
  • PP artwork portfolio, translucent
    6 Variants
    PP artwork portfolio, translucent
    from 5,10 €
    polypropylene (archival safe), translucent (see Information!), V-shaped closure flap on the longer side, with snap fastener
  • Modulor children´s roll-around cabinet 45 L
    3 Variants
    Modulor children´s roll-around cabinet 45 L
    from 110,00 €
    milled, both sides of panels are coloured melamine-coated bio-fibre, mortise joints with visible black o-rings, 2 removeable pen compartments, 4 plastic casters, assembly instructions; given dimensions: width x...
  • Tesa ecologo glue stick
    3 Variants
    Tesa ecologo glue stick
    from 1,10 €
    without solvent, casing made from 100% recycled plastic, translucent, white, can be washed out cold, for gluing paper permanently
  • Clairefontaine notebook ''Age Bag''
    6 Variants
    Clairefontaine notebook ''Age Bag''
    from 4,80 €
    bright white, satined paper, wood free, 90 g/m², rounded corners, thread stitch binding, sturdy manilla cardboard cover with leather texture, linen spine
  • Anglepoise Type 75 mini workplace lamp
    5 Variants
    Anglepoise Type 75 mini workplace lamp
    from 159,00 €
    Lampshade: White inside, aluminium (ø=130 mm, h = 150 mm), with symetric light pattern, Lamp arm: Spring balanced, aluminium, with chromed steel springs, l = 500 mm
  • Modulor table system M2 (set) for children
    Modulor table system M2 (set) for children
    from 250,00 €
    Table frame material: steel, outer leg 30 x 30 mm, inner leg 25 x 25 mm, rails 25 x 40 mm, wall thickness 2mm, Table frame dimensions: h x b x l = 500-740 mm, 680 ( 610 ) x 1200 ( 1130 ) mm
  • Balloons, opaque
    21 Variants
    Balloons, opaque
    from 3,90 €
    round balloon made of natural rubber, given dimensions: approx. diameter, circumference: maximum 900 mm, surface: glossy, can be filled with gas, comes in reclosable plastic bag
  • My 1st Color Box, stamp ink for children
    5 Variants
    My 1st Color Box, stamp ink for children
    from 3,10 €
    Product description: inked stamp pad (47 x 70 mm) in plastic box, Attributes: acid-free, quick drying, washes out, water soluble,
  • Stockmar modelling beeswax
    15 Variants
    Stockmar modelling beeswax
    from 1,55 €
    th = 6 mm, rich in pigments, with pure beeswax, corresponds to European Safety Norm (Toy Safety) EN71 (see info), for colour sorting of each set see info
  • Molotow Urban Fine-Art, Chalk spray
    10 Variants
    Molotow Urban Fine-Art, Chalk spray
    from 12,90 €
    coloured chalk spray for markings, etc., not permanent, not smudge-proof (can be wiped away with water), UV resistant, hazard warning: Xi = irritant, F+ = highly flammable
  • Paper Poetry paper straw
    6 Variants
    Paper Poetry paper straw
    from 3,50 €
    paper, striped with white and one colour, l 0 195 mm, diameter is 6 mm, food safe, environmentally friendly
  • Himbeerheftchen excercise book
    12 Variants
    Himbeerheftchen excercise book
    from 1,85 €
    cream white natural paper, smooth, wood-free, 90 g/m², blank or light blue ruled (corresponding to the German specifications for each particular school grade), staple binding, coloured cover made of flexible,...
  • Lamy ink cartridge, T 10
    7 Variants
    Lamy ink cartridge, T 10
    from 1,90 €
    for all Lamy fountain pens that use cartridges
  • Oil pastel crayons Jaxon
    82 Variants
    Oil pastel crayons Jaxon
    from 0,60 €
    can be used with terpentine, easy to blend, l = 68 mm, ø 10 mm
  • Patchwork Family wooden pen holder
    3 Variants
    Patchwork Family wooden pen holder
    from 3,20 €
    Tung tree wood, natural, untreated
  • Paper Poetry stamp set, flat
    5 Variants
    Paper Poetry stamp set, flat
    from 8,60 €
    stamp size is 20 x 20 x 30 mm (l x w x h), rubber stamp with cellular rubber intermeiate layer affixed to wood block, black ink pad
  • Pebeo children´s Primacolor paint
    63 Variants
    Pebeo children´s Primacolor paint
    from 1,85 €
    water-based, viscous, great coverage, non-smelling, paints can be mixed with one another, can be use as is or diluted with water, can be made soluble again even after drying, conforms to European Safety Norm EN 71-3...
  • Soft-PVC pencil pouch
    Soft-PVC pencil pouch
    from 4,60 €
    transparent, reinforced with white nylon fabric, zipper, given dimensions (outer): length, width, height
  • Stabilo woody 3 in 1
    20 Variants
    Stabilo woody 3 in 1
    from 1,75 €
    soft lead ø 10 mm, can be used as a watercolour, solid wood barre
  • Paper Poetry coloured pencils
    Paper Poetry coloured pencils
    from 7,90 €
    round barrel that is painted the colour of the lead
  • Stockmar wax crayon
    3 Variants
    Stockmar wax crayon
    from 8,90 €
    diameter is 12 mm, l = 83 mm, richly pigmented, lightfast, waterproof; binder is pure beeswax, conforms to the European safety norm EN 71 (toy safety – see Information), the metal cases include a scraper, for the...
  • Koh-i-Noor 1x1 school pencil
    Koh-i-Noor 1x1 school pencil
    from 0,55 €
    fracture resistant HB lead, painted round barrel with “1x1” printed on it, wood comes from certified sustainable forest, with erasing tip
  • Koh-i-Noor templates for colouring
    4 Variants
    Koh-i-Noor templates for colouring
    from 1,80 €
    transparent plastic, th = 1.5 mm  
  • Da Vinci Fit for School and Hobby brush, round
    8 Variants
    Da Vinci Fit for School and Hobby brush, round
    from 1,15 €
    grey synthetic fibres, seamless aluminium ferrule (= drawn aluminium tube), green matte varnished wooden handle, sizes 0-12, exposed hair length 9.5-26 mm, total length 180-203, protective cap, w = width of ferrule
  • Blackboard chalk, standard, square
    2 Variants
    Blackboard chalk, standard, square
    from 1,85 €
    square shaped, paper-wrapped, 13 x 13 x 90 mm; front end tapers to a point on the white chalks only
  • Decolor toning pigment
    22 Variants
    Decolor toning pigment
    from 3,90 €
    synthetic resin dispersion paint, can be used unmixed or for toning dispersion, binding, latex and other commercially available wall paints, solvent-free, semi-gloss, covers well, weather-resistant, resistant to...
  • Lamy fountain pen, safari
    8 Variants
    Lamy fountain pen, safari
    from 17,90 €
    ABS, grip with 2 depressions; glossy chromed (model 17 is black) spring-loaded metal clip, polished stainless steel nib, silver coloured (model 17 chromed and painted black), with iridium tip, M width; compatible ink...
  • Stockmar opaque paint set
    Stockmar opaque paint set
    from 16,90 €
    case with 12 opaque paints, opaque white, filbert-shaped brush and removable mixing palette
  • Faber Castell Castle coloured pencil
    2 Variants
    Faber Castell Castle coloured pencil
    from 3,20 €
    continuously glued fracture-resistant core, hexagonal casing (barrel) painted in the colour of the lead
  • Hahnemühle Junior artist pad, 100 g/mř
    2 Variants
    Hahnemühle Junior artist pad, 100 g/mř
    from 2,00 €
    bright white drawing paper, matte, acid-free, aging-resistant, paste-glued on the two width sides, cover is colourfully printed paperboard, rear cover is cardboard
  • Pilot Frixion ball erasable gel pen
    10 Variants
    Pilot Frixion ball erasable gel pen
    from 2,60 €
    replaceable refill, roller ball in metal socket, line width 0.4 mm, water-based ink, erasable, rubberized grip, plastic barrel, cap with clip, rubber eraser at the top end of barrel
  • Da Vinci bristle brush, short handle, flat
    13 Variants
    Da Vinci bristle brush, short handle, flat
    from 0,90 €
    white China bristles (Chungking), seamless aluminium ferrule, natural wood handle, sizes 2 to 24, exposed bristle length 9-25 mm, total length 163-219 mm, w = width of the ferrule
  • Ring binder, PP, 2 rings, translucent
    5 Variants
    Ring binder, PP, 2 rings, translucent
    from 3,00 €
    Material: polypropylene, Spacing between rings: standard hole pattern for 2 rings, Spine width: 23 mm
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