Custom sized table top

If you are looking for a tabletop made to measure that is as individual as you are, then you have come to the right place. We provide you with different materials and forms of table tops and you can design them as you wish and adapt them to your needs. There are hardly any limits to your creativity.

What you are looking for in vain elsewhere, you can get from us: The tabletop made to measure with the unusual format or with the unusual colour combination.

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Choose a material

Linoleum Table Top

✔ High-quality natural material
✔ Pleasant to the touch
✔ 3 different board cores
✔ Available with straight or angled edges

The versatile custom linoleum tabletop offers the widest range of choices. Whether surface colour, corner radius, edge banding or sanded backing material (with bevelled edge if required). Here you can really let off steam.

Melamine Table Top

✔ Classic worktop
✔ Inexpensive
✔ Resistant
✔ Resource-saving chipboard core

Small budget, big table? No problem. With a made-to-measure melamine tabletop, you get a robust all-rounder at a compelling price. The colour palette ranges from classic options like black and white to bright ones like crimson.

HPL table top

✔ Resistant
✔ 2 different board cores
✔ Available with straight or sloping edges
✔ Available as a top with white surface and bevelled edges

Whether colourful or muted - a custom-made HPL table top offers you hard-wearing properties. The robust surface is optionally pressed with an MDF or multiplex core, so that you can provide it with a straight or bevelled edge.

Linoleum tabletop
standard dimensions

160 x 80 cm | 180 x 90 cm | 200 x 90 cm | 200 x 100 cm

Further dimensions

80 x 80 cm | 100 x 60 cm | 120 x 80 cm | 140 x 70 cm | 160 x 90 cm | 180 x 100 cm | 250 x 100 cm
choose your own size

Melamine table top
standard dimensions

160 x 80 cm | 180 x 90 cm | 200 x 90 cm | 200 x 100 cm

Further dimensions

80 x 80 cm | 100 x 80 cm | 120 x 80 cm | 140 x 70 cm | 160 x 90 cm | 180 x 100 cm | 250 x 100 cm
choose your own size

Choose a color for your tabletop

Black table top made to measure

No matter whether you choose a desk top with linoleum, melamine or HPL: You can design it entirely according to your own ideas. For example, a black surface in combination with a black lipping or a polished edge in anthracite looks very elegant. Combine this black tabletop with one of our black table frames (e.g. from the Y seriesM series or T series) and your table will look like a single piece.

Made-to-measure white desk top

With a white desk top, you can create a classic-style workplace. The light surface looks clear and friendly. If you're looking for a white version, take a look at our hard-wearing melamine and HPL table tops. If a cream-coloured surface is an option for your office, you can also opt for a linoleum tabletop. It is naturally less hard and therefore a good surface for writing and drawing.

Grey table top made to measure

The world is not black and white. And your customised desk top certainly isn't. Instead of a white or black desk top, it can also be the grey middle ground. Depending on whether you choose a linoleum, melamine or HPL tabletop, you can choose from nuances such as light, platinum or violet grey. In combination with a colour-coordinated edging or a finely ground MDF core in grey or anthracite, you can opt for a contemporary alternative to classic black.

Even more colours for your custom made tabletop

Classic, soft or bright: our custom-made linoleum, melamine and HPL table tops offer you a wide range of colours. In combination with one of the many edge bandings or a sanded tabletop core, you can design them individually according to your wishes and coordinate them with your interior design.

Choose material and shape for your custom tabletop

Made-to-measure desk top with wooden edge

Are you looking for a customised desk top with a natural appearance? We recommend that you add a wooden edge to your favourite desk top. If you opt for a melamine tabletop, you can choose from various real wood edgings. HPL table tops offer you the option of a sanded multiplex birch core. Linoleum table tops combine both options: You can combine a slatted top with a lipping or go for the raw, natural wood of the multiplex top.

Rounded slab corners

Instead of the comparatively angular standard corner radius of 3 mm, you have the option of designing your customised desk top with more rounded corners. Both the 25 mm and 50 mm corner radii provide a softer, more modern appearance. These corner radii are available to you if you choose a custom-made linoleum or HPL desk top with a polished board core.

Round table top

Our linoleum and HPL table tops are not only available in square shapes, but also in round shapes. Whether kitchen, reception or meeting table: with a round table top, you create the best conditions for communicative, sociable and equal togetherness.

Sloping plate edge

Are you looking for a solid, robust desk top made to measure, but which is by no means clunky and imposing in appearance? With our linoleum and HPL desktops with a sanded core (multiplex birch or MDF), you can choose between a straight edge and a 25° bevelled edge. The bevelled version supports a filigree appearance of the entire table. Together with an inclined table frame from our Y series, your table top seems to virtually float.

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