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      Custom sized table top

      If you are looking for a tabletop made to measure that is as individual as you are, then you have come to the right place. We provide you with different materials and forms of table tops and you can design them as you wish and adapt them to your needs. There are hardly any limits to your creativity.

      What you are looking for in vain elsewhere, you can get from us: The tabletop made to measure with the unusual format or with the unusual colour combination.

      Linoleum Table Top

      ✔ Natural Material
      ✔ High quality
      ✔ Colourful and varied
      ✔ Pleasant to the touch

      The versatile linoleum tabletop made to measure offers the widest range of options. Whether surface colour, corner radius, edge band or ground carrier material (if necessary with bevelled edge). Here you can really let off steam.

      To the linoleum table tops
      Melamine Table Top

      ✔ Classic worktop
      ✔ Cheap
      ✔ Resistant
      ✔ Certified

      For those who are less decisive, we offer the melamine tabletop made to measure with a reduced choice of colours as well as wood and concrete decor variants. In addition to the desired format and colour, you can also choose a smooth or pearled surface. The latter is even more resistant.

      To the melamine table tops

      Choose a color for your tabletop

      Black table top made to measure

      No matter if you choose a desk top with linoleum or melamine: You can design a completely monochrome tabletop made to measure. This means that both the surface of the tabletop and its edges have the same colour. A completely black tabletop, for example, looks very elegant. If you also combine this black table top with one of our black table frames (e.g. from the Y seriesM series or T series), your table will look like it has been cast in one piece.

      To the black linoleum tabletop

      To the black melamine table top

      Made-to-measure white desk top

      We currently only offer you a white desk top cut to size as a melamine table top. When it comes to furnishing offices, the white melamine tabletop made to measure is now standard. We offer it in two different surface types: Pearled and smooth. Both are extremely resistant and scratch-resistant, the white pearled surface is even more robust than the smooth.

      The custom-made white tabletop in combination with a white edge band is very elegant. On the other hand, the white tabletop can also be tastefully edged by a grey, black and a real wood edge band.

      To the white melamine table top

      To the white melamine table top with wooden edge

      Grey table top made to measure

      The world is not black and white. And your made-to-measure table top is certainly not. Instead of a white or black desk top, you can also opt for the grey middle course. We offer both melamine and linoleum table tops in cut-to-size in various grey shades. As far as the linoleum tabletop is concerned, the grey tones range from dark anthracite to light grey. In combination with a matching edging or a fine sanded MDF board core in grey or anthracite, you can opt for a contemporary alternative to classic black.

      To the grey melamine table top

      To the linoleum table top in anthracite

      Even more colours for your custom made tabletop

      The choice of colours for our melamine and linoleum table top is huge. The linoleum desk top in particular leads the way with 21 different, nature-identical colours. In combination with one of the many real wood cottage edgings or the choice of a sanded core, you can perfectly match the linoleum tabletop to your interior design.

      Linoleum tabletop
      Smokey blue

      To the tabletop

      Linoleum tabletop

      To the tabletop

      Linoleum tabletop
      Spring green

      To the tabletop

      Linoleum tabletop

      To the tabletop

      Choose material and shape for your custom tabletop

      Made-to-measure desk top with wooden edge

      You are looking for a desk top made to measure with a natural appearance? We recommend that you equip your favourite tabletop with a wooden edge. If you decide for a melamine tabletop, you have the choice of a total of 9 different real wood edgings. With a linoleum tabletop you can even choose between 6 wood edgings. You also have the option of choosing a sanded Multiplex Birch core. Its edge is not covered with a edging, so that the raw, natural wood comes out particularly beautifully.

      To the linoleum tabletop with wooden edge

      For linoleum table top with ground plate core

      To melamine table top with wooden edge

      Rounded slab corners

      Instead of the comparatively angular standard corner radius of 3 mm, you have the option of designing your desk top to measure with more rounded corners. Both the 25mm and 50mm corner radii provide a softer, more modern look. These corner radii are available when you choose a custom-made linoleum tabletop with a sanded core.

      For linoleum table top with 25 mm corner radius

      For linoleum table top with 50 mm corner radius

      Round table top

      Our linoleum tabletop not only takes on square shapes, but is also available in a round shape. Whether kitchen, reception or meeting table: with a round tabletop you create the best conditions for a communicative, sociable and equal togetherness.

      To the round tabletop

      Sloping plate edge

      Are you looking for a solid, sturdy desk top made to measure, but which is by no means bulky and engaging? With our linoleum tabletop with sanded core (multiplex birch or MDF) you can choose between a straight top edge and a 25° bevelled top edge. The bevelled version supports a filigree appearance of the entire table. Together with an inclined table frame from our Y series, your tabletop seems to float in the blank.

      To the inclined linoleum tabletop (multiplex birch)

      To the inclined linoleum table top (MDF)

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