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Super Sculpey Living Doll

454 g Block (49 x 56 x 134), baby skin
(36,34 €/kg)incl. VAT / excl. shipping
16,50 €
(36,34 €/kg)
incl. VAT / excl. shipping
Location in Store
Article No.4500880-004
productoven-curing modelling compound (15 min. at 130 °C)

If you check out the relevant internet forums you will quickly learn that Super Sculpey is THE modeling compound for model, doll, and figure makers as well as animation studios and all ambitious and/or professional artists working with small sized sculptures. It is the standard choice when it comes to modelling small, graceful, very detailed sculptures – especially in the USA but more and more in Europe as well. Because of its colour and its surface, it is often used for the realistic representation of human skin (especially for dolls).

The colours in which the Super Sculpey Living Doll is available extend the palette of the classic Super Sculpey Original and provide the means for making figures with different skin colours. They can be mixed with each other as well!

Hints for use: Using a glass or metal base plate is recommended when making models. This has the advantage that you will not have to take your modeled form in your hands but can rather leave it on the plate when putting it in the oven for baking. Super Sculpey can be worked with by hand or with all the different kinds of modelling tools and can be cut with a knife or cutter. The surface already becomes somewhat smooth after only being worked on with a wooden modelling tool or just your fingers. In addition, the outer layer can be quasi polished by employing cleaning petrol. The petrol lightly dissolves the surface and smoothes it out. This work can be done with a brush and a certain amount of carefulness.

Super Sculpey cures in an oven heated to 130 °C in about 15 minutes. This specification applies to the compound when its thickness is six millimetres; when twice as thick the curing time is, yes, twice as long, i.e. thirty minutes. The material darkens a bit during curing. In the case of thicker wall thicknesses, a sculpture may, under certain circumstances, cure unevenly and should therefore be handled carefully. It is therefore advisable when working with larger volumes to employ a placeholder or a mould support made of wire, wire netting, aluminium foil or even wood. Please note: Super Sculpey cannot be hardened in a microwave oven.

After the material has cured it can be worked on with sandpaper or files, small holes can be (carefully) drilled or it can be carved with a knife. The surface takes to being painted; water-based paint (poster paint) or acrylic paint should be used – paints containing solvents should NOT be used or, if that is required, only after a careful analysis in combination with preliminary testing has affirmed efficacy.

OAELSuper Sculpey Living Doll Making/Mold-making/Modelling Clays/Sculpey