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Roll containers - practical organizers

Roll containers are convincing mobile organizational talents in a compact format. Placed under the desk to save space, they offer storage space for all the utensils you need for your work. From the stapler to the chocolate bar.

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What distinguishes roller containers?

The advantages of a roller container are obvious: The compact mini chest of drawers equips your workplace with extra storage options and extra structure without taking up much space: In contrast to classic shelves and cabinets, roller containers can easily be placed under the desk.

If you store files, loose sheets and pens in the drawers or open compartments of the desk container, your work area will always look tidy and clear. The chaos is directed into orderly channels and you can focus on the essential things. At the same time, you have everything you need within reach. This allows you a good workflow and saves unnecessary ways and time.

The fact that the compact furniture is mobile thanks to practical castors, in contrast to pedestals, could be described as the proverbial icing on the cake. In no time at all, you can transport work materials or personal items that are in your roller container from A to B and use them at another work location. This form of individual organization makes the rollable base cabinets the ideal equipment in offices that rely on flexible workplaces.

Practical tips: Match the dimensions of the desk container to your workspace as best as possible. If you want to place the mobile pedestal under your desk, it is necessary to make sure that you have enough legroom. If you combine the desk pedestal with a height-adjustable table, it is important that the drawer element and the tabletop do not get in each other's way even in the lowest setting.

If, on the other hand, you plan to place the roller container next to your office desk, you will have additional storage space at your disposal without any further effort.

Roll containers score points not only in the office

Roll containers score points not only in the office

Living room, kitchen, bathroom, children's room or workshop - the place of use of a roll container is not limited to the office alone: Its compact format and well thought-out design make it a practical storage option for all kinds of small items. Charging cables, toy figures, sewing kits, handicraft utensils, screws or make-up are just as safe in the drawers and compartments as markers, printer paper, scissors, rulers and the like.

Only the material of the container should be adapted to the intended use or its environment and associated factors such as humidity, etc. Which brings us to the next topic ...

What are mobile pedestals made of?

What are mobile pedestals made of?

Regardless of whether your mobile pedestal is in the office or in the workshop, it is usually in use almost every day. Materials that are as robust and easy to clean as possible pay off in any case.

Metal roller containers are certainly among the absolute classics. Our Modulor model made of powder-coated sheet steel is anything but fragile, quite suitable for the workshop and harmonizes with many of our table frames.

Are wooden materials more to your taste? Then our Modulor variant made of coated MDF might be a desk container you like. The material impresses with a hard and smooth surface. It is coated with a water-soluble paint and additionally sealed with varnish. The cut edges are untreated. They set effective accents, but ensure that the roller container, unlike a variant made of plastic, does not respond well to moisture.

Important: The load capacity of the container, the individual drawers and compartments depends on the selected material and the type of production. Consider in advance whether you want to store small parts or several filled file folders in your desk cabinet.

The division

Roll containers not only keep everything tidy and ready to hand. They also serve to protect papers from sun and dust or confidential documents from unauthorized access. Depending on your personal requirements, it may make sense to choose a model with lockable drawers or open storage options.

Roller containers with drawers

Roller containers with drawers

If you decide on a drawer container, you can choose between versions with full or partial extension as well as variants with or without a lock. Some models also have a pull-out stop. This ensures that only one drawer is open at a time. On the one hand, this ensures that the mobile pedestal does not fall over because fully loaded drawers throw it off balance. On the other hand, you won't easily get your fingers caught between the pull-out compartments. Functions such as a self-closing mechanism or soft-closing mechanism (Softclose) are also convincing as smart extras of a desk pedestal.

Practical: You can add thoughtful accessories to the drawers of our Modulor metal mobile pedestal. In the stationery tray, utensils such as pens, staples and co. are neatly stored. The partition divides the compartment into smaller areas and the paper holder reliably keeps loose sheets in place.

Roller containers with open compartments

Roller containers with open compartments

If you opt for an open roller container, you can always see what's in the individual compartments and access it in seconds. Make sure that you have storage options in different heights, as with our MDF model. This way, you can easily store a wide variety of things in your desk base cabinet.

Tip: Especially in the children's room it is a good idea to use an open roller container. Only if the school, painting and toys are present, so are the employment opportunities associated with them.

Our Modulor children's roller container convinces with one large and two small storage compartments as well as two removable trays for pencils or similar. Its format is optimally matched to the children's and youth desks in our range.

Style and color

Roller containers in black and roller containers in white harmonize with the most diverse interior styles. No wonder that these two variants are so popular, regardless of whether they are made of metal, wood or plastic.

The minimalist style that characterizes most roller containers also makes them easy to combine with numerous desks. Clean fronts with discreet recessed grips and barely visible wheels allow the practical organizers to blend discreetly into the background.

Our Modulor models made of MDF stand out in this respect and attract attention: contrasting edges and the plug-in connections fixed with rubber rings give the models a charming nonchalance. The 45-liter version for children is not only available as a roller container in white, but also in red and blue for colorful accents.

Design your workplace

Design your workplace

The desk is ready, the office chair invites you to take a seat and the roller container contains everything you need for a relaxed working day, from pens to adhesive tape? In our office accessories category, more useful extras are waiting to make your life easier. Whether cable holder or whiteboard - there is a lot to discover here.