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Pens & Writing Instruments from Kaweco - Tradition made in Germany

In 1883, when You and I were still written in the stars, the path of the Kaweco company in Germany was already paved. Initially a producer of wooden nib pens, the company was taken over by Messrs. Koch and Weber in 1889. Driven by the new technology of the penholder with ink tank, it did not take long for Kaweco to become one of the leading producers of pens & writing instruments in Germany.

In 1908, the first records of Kaweco pocket fountain pens can be found in stationery catalogs of the time. In 1911, a milestone in Kaweco's company history followed: the legendary "Kaweco Sport" fountain pen was developed and presented to the public for the first time. The fact that this fountain pen is still produced and sold today in almost unchanged form should be proof enough of the quality and durability of this pen. A short time later, ballpoint pens as well as propelling and mechanical pencils follow in the successful Kaweco Sport series.

What still makes Kaweco special today? The fact that even in the age of computers and machines, the company still devotes itself to classic writing instruments with the passion they deserve. Because every pen is assembled and checked by hand by Kaweco employees. And this is done in no less a city than Nuremberg, the famous pencil city.

Kaweco stands for more sustainable writing

High-quality products with Kaweco quality guarantee

What can't be broken doesn't need to be repaired. This also applies to pens and stationery. Kaweco seems to know this, which is probably why the Nuremberg-based company always stays true to its line. Because products from Kaweco are produced in Germany at a high level and in top quality.

And if something should break, that's not such a bad thing. Because unlike many other manufacturers, Kaweco gives you a two-year warranty with professional repair on your purchased Kaweco products. This shows that Kaweco trusts in the quality of its stationery and that it is important to you that you are completely satisfied with the product. It is also a clear sign in the direction of today's throwaway society to have things of value repaired from time to time instead of always having to buy something new right away.

Suitable accessories for refilling your Kaweco

Of course, all Kaweco pencils are refillable. Whether pencil leads, ballpoint pen leads or ink cartridges - there is always plenty of refill in your Kaweco pen. And if you want to avoid plastic waste when refilling, we recommend the special Kaweco Mini Converter. With this you can draw ink from an inkwell into a glass container, which you then insert into your Kaweco fountain pen as an alternative to the cartridge.

Match your Kaweco pen to your character!

It doesn't matter what kind of Kaweco writing instrument you have chosen. You can select or individualize your Kaweco product according to your wishes in no time at all. And we're not just talking about the outer color of your pen. Different nibs, ink cartridges, pencil or ballpoint pen leads result in a seemingly never-ending repertoire of line widths, writing colors and styles.

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We have these Kaweco products for you in our repertoire:

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