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Kaweco Fountain Pens

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Kaweco fountain pen - tradition meets innovation

Kaweco can draw on a wealth of knowledge thanks to its long experience. As early as 1908, when the fountain pen as we know it today was still in its infancy, Kaweco applied for a patent for the first truly leak-proof pocket fountain pen. But that was no reason for Kaweco to rest on its laurels. To this day, Kaweco is characterized by the combination of old knowledge with new ideas and technologies. Just recently, for example, the Sport ICE fountain pen was created specifically for marking and highlighting text.

Curious now? With us you can order your Kaweco fountain pen online. We have among others the following Kaweco fountain pens for you:

  • Kaweco fountain pen Sport Classic, Sport Skyline, Sport AL and many other fountain pen models from the Kaweco Sport series.
  • Kaweco fountain pen Liliput
  • Kaweco fountain pen Special
  • Kaweco fountain pen Dia2 Chrome
  • Kaweco fountain pen Perkeo All Black
  • Kaweco fountain pen Student

Light as a feather to a personalized fountain pen - with the right accessories from Kaweco

Kaweco gives you the opportunity to use a variety of interchangeable nibs without having to change the fountain pen. We offer these as steel and gold nibs, with which you can choose between different line widths. In addition, we offer calligraphy nibs in four sizes between 1.1 and 2.3 mm. So that your Kaweco fountain pen does not fall out of your pocket so easily, we also have practical clip-on clips in our repertoire. Matching the nib you get the clip in noble gold or classic silver.

If the Kaweco accessories are not enough to personalize your handwritten word, you can let your writing shine with more than ten ink colors! As an alternative to the classic ink cartridge, you can also insert a suitable converter into most Kaweco fountain pens. The Kaweco Mini converter is compatible with almost all fountain pens in the Sport series. In the case of the AC Sport and AL Sport, this is only guaranteed for fountain pens manufactured in 2016 or later. The standard converter from Kaweco fits the following fountain pens: Kaweco special, Kaweco elegance, Kaweco student, Kaweco DIA2, Kaweco elite, Kaweco Supra and Kaweco Perkeo.