Polypropylene Film

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Properties of polypropylene

Its exceptional toughness and tear resistance make polypropylene a material with a very wide range of applications. Sheets and films made of polypropylene are

  • easy
  • antistatic
  • relatively insensitive to scratches
  • resistant to a variety of chemicals
  • UV-stabilized and Temperature resistant in a range from approx. -10 to +110 °C.

In addition, compared to other plastics, polypropylene contains few questionable additives and burns under favourable conditions to water and carbon dioxide.

Polypropylene processing

Even if our polypropylene sheets are partially corona treated and can therefore be bonded reasonably well, the bonding of polypropylene (and polyethylene) is fundamentally more problematic than with other plastics. If the corresponding areas are pre-treated with Poly-Primer, small area joints can be processed quite well with superglue. However, this bonding technique does not meet the requirements of a constructive application. Mechanically produced joints, such as rivets, are better suited, as are plug connections or Velcro tapes, whose adhesive adheres relatively well to the material. This principle of bonding as large an area as possible with an adhesive tape further leads to the possibility of bonding with double-sided adhesive film.