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Rigid PVC Film

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Information about rigid PVC film

With the exception of rigid-PVC with 1.0 mm thickness, the PVC films have no protective film covering. The sheets will tend to attract dust particles because of their static charge and this can lead to scratching especially when custom cut. It should also be noted that the transparent films are not completely free of striations and on larger surfaces this fact becomes more and more obvious.

The films are mostly used for making displays and signs and the like. They are also very good for representing transparent and translucent areas in architectural model making. PVC films are not suitable for framing photos or other valuable objects because with time the material will react with and corrode them. Possible alternatives include acrylic glass, polycarbonate sheets or real glass. The sheets can, however, be used as short-term protective covering for brochures or the like.

The PVC on offer can be cut with a blade or a scissors.