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      • PE bubble wrap, standard
        LD-PE, translucent, colourless, glossy, nubs ø 10.0 mm, nub height = 3.0 mm, two ply, wrapped around a cardboard tube ø 76 mm
        4 Variants
        PE bubble wrap, standard
        from 1,70 €
      • Film tubing, transparent
        LD-PE, colourless, glossy, wrapped around cardboard tube ø 76 mm
        4 Variants
        Film tubing, transparent
        from 0,20 €
      • Polyethylene film, transparent, colourless
        LD-PE, glossy, 4 layer (folded at 1.0 m), wrapped around cardboard tube ø 76 mm
        Polyethylene film, transparent, colourless
        from 3,90 €
      • PE bubble wrap, small-roll
        LDPE, translucent,colourless, glossy, bubble diameter is 10 mm, bubble height is 3.0 mm, two-ply
        PE bubble wrap, small-roll
        from 3,30 €
      • Polyethylene black-out film, black
        LD-PE, glossy, UV- stabile, 4 layer (w = 4000 mm folded at 1 m), wrapped around cardboard tube ø 76 mm
        2 Variants
        Polyethylene black-out film, black
        from 2,80 €
      • Molotow Film Canvas
        polyethylene, glossy, wrapped on a cardboard core, diameter 76 mm
        3 Variants
        Molotow Film Canvas
        from 15,90 €
      • PE stretch film
        low density PE, transparent, colourless, glossy, wound on a cardboard tube which is ø 76 mm, weight of one roll is 3,5 kg
        PE stretch film
        from 18,80 €
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