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Hook and Loop Tape

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Information about Velcro

When sturdy bonds that can be often undone are required, hook and loop is the right choice. The two sides with hooks and eyes can be attached to one another to make sturdy and long-lasting bonds many, many times without wearing out.

Attributes: This so simple and ingenious system originated from George de Mestral from Switzerland. In 1941 he realized – after taking a walk with his dog – how difficult it was to remove burrs from clothing and, yes, dog hair. By using a microscope he was able to determine the reason for the strong stickiness of the burr: it consists of numerous tiny elastic hooks which attached themselves to the loops in cloth or animal fur and which, even when forcefully pulled off, did not break. Based on this natural phenomenon, our Swiss engineer developed the hook and loop fastener.

Applications: These hook and eye fasteners were originally almost exclusively used as an alternative to zippers in clothing and other textile applications. Because of its flexibility, its ease of use, long life and low price, the hook and loop fastener has established itself as a convenient fastening system in many sectors.

It can, for example, be used to make removable mountings of presentation boards in stores and trade shows, for screwless affixing of wall panels made from thin sheet steel or for shoe and bag fasteners.