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      • Webbed belt, polypropylene, coarse
        4 Variants
        Webbed belt, polypropylene, coarse
        from 4,20 €
        100% polypropylene, rep weave, weight: approx. 15.4 kg/1000 m at a width of 25 mm, tensile strength: 430 daN for the 25 mm wide version, elongation at break: 40%, woven edges, has the usual commercial finish
      • Seat belt webbing, polyester, fine weave
        Seat belt webbing, polyester, fine weave
        from 92,50 €
        100% polyester, UV stabilized, tensile strength 2800 daN
      • Webbed belt, cotton, reinforced
        Webbed belt, cotton, reinforced
        from 35,00 €
        braided cotton fibres, inner side is reinforced with multifil yarn made with synthetic fibres, weight: ca. 18 kg/1,000 m, maximum bearing capacity is 50 kg
      • Belt strap, cotton
        12 Variants
        Belt strap, cotton
        from 34,90 €
      • Webbed belt, polyester, fine weave
        Webbed belt, polyester, fine weave
        from 42,00 €
        100% polyester fibre, rip weave, weight: ca. 28 kg/1,000 m, maximum load capacity 300 kg
      • Lashing strap, polyester, coarse
        Lashing strap, polyester, coarse
        from 83,50 €
        100% polyester, UV stabilized, tensile strength: 2,000 daN
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