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The traditional company Faber-Castell is almost synonymous with high-quality drawing and writing instruments. From Stein near Nuremberg, the brand's pencils conquered the world and paved the way for colored pencils, penholders, fineliners, and more.

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Faber-Castell - a company with a history

What began in 1761 in Stein near Nuremberg with a family pencil manufacturing business has developed over the centuries into a globally operating company. Family-owned for nine generations, Faber-Castell is now one of the best-known and most successful manufacturers of paints and pencils.

As early as the 19th century, the company had branches in important trading centers, including New York, London, Paris and St. Petersburg. The brand currently has representatives in over 120 countries. More than 6,500 people worldwide work to develop and produce high-quality writing and drawing instruments, sophisticated school and creative accessories. Faber-Castell attaches great importance to both a sustainable and a socially responsible approach.

The product range

The product range

Faber-Castell produces more than 2 billion wood-cased pencils a year. And the product range is no longer limited to classic pencils. Special Faber-Castell colored pencils for children bring color to paper. Variants for artists offer an extra rich color stroke. Highly pigmented watercolor pencils such as the Albrecht Dürer series invite you to draw and watercolor. And if you're looking for an ink pen that's permanent and lightfast, the Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen B is a good option. Also discover the brand's fountain pens, ballpoint pens, highlighters, erasers and sharpeners at Modulor.

The product that started it all - the Faber-Castell pencil

The product that started it all - the Faber-Castell pencil

Whether used as a drawing or writing instrument, pencils are easy to use. They don't smear, can be put in your pocket without hesitation, and are even child's play to correct.

The classic Faber-Castell variants are no exception and have even more to offer: Since the 1960s, the lead of the wood-cased brand pencils has been glued to the wooden barrel not just at points, but along the entire length of the pencil. This patented secural gluing ensures that the lead breaks less quickly. In addition, the colored pencils and pencils produced in Europe feature an environmentally friendly water-based varnish.

One of the most popular representatives of Faber-Castell pencils is the Castell 9000, introduced in 1905 by Alexander Graf von Faber-Castell. You can choose between numerous degrees of hardness when selecting this classic, which opens up a wide range of possible applications for you.

Are you looking for an ergonomic model that fits your hand particularly well? The Grip 2001 combines a triangular shape with fine nubs - the patented Grip Zone.

Discover our full range of Faber-Castell pencils including various clutch and mechanical pencil lead options.

Things get colorful with Faber-Castell Polychromos

Things get colorful with Faber-Castell Polychromos

Since 1908, Faber-Castell Polychromos colored pencils have been delighting artists and hobby painters with their soft and brilliantly colored stroke. The range comprises a whole 120 shades and more than lives up to the name, which comes from the Greek for "many colors". The pencils are break-resistant and lightfast, smudge-proof and waterproof, and are excellent for painting.

Faber-Castell: sustainable by conviction

As a traditional company with a long and eventful history, Faber-Castell sees it as its duty to act sustainably. The brand owns 10,000 hectares of its own forests. With this area, it covers a large part of its wood requirements and at the same time ensures that around 900,000 tons of CO₂ are bound. The company's own production facilities can therefore be described as climate-neutral. Around 1/3 of the company's forests in Brazil are deliberately not managed. It serves as a refuge for animals and plants.

Faber-Castell only uses certified wood for the production of its pencils (more than 90% comes from FSC-certified forests). The company already covers the majority of its energy requirements from renewable sources. It is also constantly working on further improvements to make its operations as environmentally, resource-friendly and socially responsible as possible.

Interesting to know: The Faber-Castell Social Charter is a globally valid agreement by which the company undertakes to comply with standards recommended by the International Labor Organization (ILO). In addition to occupational safety, this includes, for example, the ban on child labor and the equal treatment of all employees.