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Faber-Castell ballpoint pens

In the range of the traditional company Faber-Castell, you will not only find high-quality pencils and colored pencils, fountain pens, fineliners and co. The uncomplicated and robust favorite among writing instruments is also represented: the ballpoint pen.

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Faber-Castell ballpoint pen for your notes

Whether it's a shopping list, love letter or business correspondence: Faber-Castell ballpoint pens reliably put every word that crosses your mind on paper. Whether you opt for a plastic model with an ergonomic triangular grip zone like the Grip Plus or a luxurious smoked oak pen like the Ondoro: With a Faber-Castell ballpoint pen, you are holding a stylish, technically and ergonomically well thought-out product in your hands.

The principle of the various Faber-Castell ballpoint pens, as with models from other manufacturers, is always the same: when the pen moves across the paper, the ball on the writing tip is set in motion. It rotates, picks up ink from the reservoir of the refill and releases it on the other side.

Every stroke is perfect - Faber-Castell ballpoint pens

Every stroke is perfect - Faber-Castell ballpoint pens

Almost all Faber-Castell ballpoint pens have replaceable, indelible refills. In terms of line width, you can choose between the standard M (medium) and B (broad) variants. You also have the option of using an XB smooth-running refill. With a diameter of 1.4 mm, its ball is larger than the standard versions. Instead of the classic paste, the ink reservoir contains a version with a higher flowability, so that the writing flow is particularly pleasant. The line produced with an XB smooth-running refill is around 0.6 to 0.7 mm wide.

Faber-Castell ballpoint pens - twist or push?

Faber-Castell ballpoint pens - twist or push?

As a rule, ballpoint pens do not have caps. The refill simply disappears directly into the body of the pen when it is not in use - either by pressing or twisting, depending on the mechanism.

When choosing a Faber-Castell ballpoint pen, you can decide between the two variants: If you choose a pen with a classic push mechanism, you benefit from the fact that you can retract and extend the refill with just one hand. Models such as the Faber-Castell Ondoro ballpoint pen, on the other hand, emphasize their elegance with a twist mechanism. Their refill retracts and extends more discreetly.

Faber-Castell: ballpoint pens for every requirement

To find the Faber-Castell ballpoint pen that meets your requirements, it makes sense to think about various selection criteria in advance.

Do you prefer a certain style or material? Do you value practical extras such as a rubberized grip zone or a clip to attach the pen?

The Poly Ball XB is a practical everyday pen. Thanks to its triangular grip zone and soft-touch surface, it sits comfortably in your hand. The XB refill impresses with a pleasantly soft writing feel. If you prefer a model with an elegant look and clear lines, it's worth taking a closer look at the Ondoro. And if you are looking for a Faber-Castell ballpoint pen to complement your favorite fountain penrollerball or pencil, we recommend the Grip Plus Ball and the Neo Slim. There is a lot to discover on the various Faber-Castell pages in our store.