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      • Acetone
        from 6,00 €
        organic solvent, cleaning and transporting (e.g. acetylene) liquid, hazard warnings: Xi irritant, F highly flammable
      • White spirit
        2 Variants
        White spirit
        from 5,00 €
        cleaner and thinner, hazard warnings: Xn harmful, N dangerous for the environment
      • 3M Scotch Easy Clean Pen
        3M Scotch Easy Clean Pen
        from 4,80 €
        orange extract based cleaning pen for removing glue residue, label remainders and even stains and marks from felt pens; cleans oil, grease and dirt as well, hazard warnings: Xi irritant, N dangerous for the environment
      • Cleansing petrol
        Cleansing petrol
        from 6,10 €
        cold cleaning and grease removing agent, hazard warnings: Xn harmful, F highly flammable, N dangerous for the environment
      • Cellulose thinner
        Cellulose thinner
        from 5,00 €
        methanol-free, powerful solvent, hazard warnings: Xn harmful, F highly flammable
      • Biofarben Vegetable Soap
        Biofarben Vegetable Soap
        from 8,10 €
        made from purely vegetable raw materials, liquid, very strong moisturizing effect; mixing ration is 30 to 50 ml for 5 litres water, shelf-life when unopened is 2 years
      • Cyber Clean Home & Office
        Cyber Clean Home & Office
        from 7,90 €
      • White Spirit oil of turpentine substitute
        White Spirit oil of turpentine substitute
        from 4,90 €
        pure, odourless white spirit, thinning agent for oil paints, painting media and varnish (not for use with alcohol-based varnish), solvent for dammar resins, ketone resins and mastic (not for acrylic resin!), cleaning...
      • Clou EV thinner
        Clou EV thinner
        from 7,80 €
        solvent that is free of aromatics, hazard warning: Xn = hazardous to health
      • Canada balsam
        Canada balsam
        from 14,90 €
        natural oil of turpentine, cleaning and thinning liquid, distilled, colourless, density: 0,86 g/cm³, boiling range: 150-180 °C, flash point +32 °C, hazard warning: Xn harmful, Xi irritant, F+ extremely flammable,...
      • Biofarben Floor Milk
        Biofarben Floor Milk
        from 9,80 €
        satin-glossy, antistatic, made with water and natural wax, mixture: 30 to 50 ml concentrate in 5 litres water, up to 99% biodegradable, service life of 1 year after opening
      • Biofarben thinner for natural resin and oil products
        Biofarben thinner for natural resin and oil products
        from 11,80 €
        isoparafin-based, free of aromatic substances, odour-free, transparent and colourless, flammable
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