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      Linoleum Cleaner




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      • Harell care and cleaning set for linoleum
        Harell care and cleaning set for linoleum
        from 29,50 €
        Contents: set with Harell care and cleaning products for linoleum, mix and spray bottle (PET), cleaning pad
      • Harell linoleum cleaner
        Harell linoleum cleaner
        from 17,90 €
        mildly alkaline water-based cleaner and film remover, colourless, contains tensides, soap, water soluble solvent, solvent mediator, phosphates and enzymes, bio-degradable, depending on the level of protection desired...
      • Harell linoleum care oil
        Harell linoleum care oil
        from 34,50 €
        impregnating and necessary care oil, colourless, contains linseed oil and natural tree resin, requires 5 to 10 g/m² of flooring
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