This is what I like to work on: a desk in white

Do you love Scandinavian cosiness? Is hygge your interior design credo? Then white is probably one of your favourite colours. One of ours, too. White spreads calm and has a friendly and clear effect. That's why all our desks are also available in white. You can choose whether your desk top should be white or your table frame - or both.

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Scandinavian desk: white meets wood

The combination of wood and white surfaces can be found again and again in Scandinavian design. Add to this restrained, user-oriented proportions and a love of detail as well as the unagitated reduction to the essentials. All this can also be found in our table frame Y. In our example, we have combined a light grey linoleum tabletop with table legs made of white ash wood - friendly, bright and appealing.

Desk ergonomic: electric and continuously height-adjustable, white

An orderly, technical environment in white looks clean and modern. Our T-frame in white blends harmoniously into such an environment and allows the user to easily adjust the height of the desk to his or her needs. Equip your workplace in a contemporary, health-promoting way and enjoy the comfort that a height-adjustable desk brings.

Desk universal: Four legs and one top in white

A table is a table is a table ... Let a child draw a table and you will see an M-table: four legs with frames and a top on top. Simple, well thought-out in detail, robust and very elegant all in white. With the M table series, you choose a desk in white from our range at a very reasonable price. Discover the variability of the M desk: with this system, you can also configure a bench, for example.

Desk classic: table frame made of steel tube in white

Egon Eiermann's studio tables at the Technical University of Karlsruhe in the 1950s were all white at first; both the metal frames and the table tops. So it doesn't get more classic than this. And the slender steel tubes of the E2 table frame really tolerate the white very well. In combination with a white melamine tabletop, you get a hard-wearing work table suitable for everyday use in your office, studio or home office.

White desks in large and small

Space without end: Desk large white

Large desks in white have a certain dominance. They like to make a grand entrance and attract attention because the white colour makes them virtually shine. So they quickly become the focal point of the room, which is quite desirable in a meeting room.

Take a look at frequently ordered large desks:

The space-saving solution: Desk small white

A small desk in white looks particularly dazzling. That's why most of our customers order our children's desks in white. It's the same effect as with the beautiful little electronic helpers we love to play with: They are most beautiful in white ...

Take a look at frequently ordered small desks:

On top: white desk top

White desktops are the standard. They look neat and tidy and radiate a friendly brightness into the room with their large white surface. Choose a hard-wearing melamine desk top with either a satin or pearl finish.

Below: Desk frame white

White is not actually a colour or - to put it better - it is the sum of all colours. In this respect, it is at least undecided in terms of colour. But it is precisely this indecisiveness that is the quality of white, because it can be excellently combined with other colours. A table frame in white may seem too "clean" or "sterile" to some people. In the end, however, it is always a question of the environment in which the white frame stands and what you place alongside it.

For little ones who grow up: Children's desk in white

White may not necessarily be the first choice for children, because children's use can quickly turn a bright white surface into a stained white or even dirty white. But don't worry, you can wipe almost anything off the children's table. And for everything that cannot be wiped off again (sharpie, dried acrylic paint, glue, etc.) there are white desk pads or large pieces of paper or foil that can be used as protection.

Furnish your workplace: Desk accessories in white

The entire workstation can also appear in white. Because we also offer the extensive accessories that complete the work table in white. Choose and let your workplace shine brightly!