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      To set up your home office desk, you don't necessarily need a dedicated room. The home office desk can be placed in the middle of the dining room or living room. It can be used temporarily for more than just a laptop. The important thing is that there must be agreed upon times when your desk is a home office and when your work utensils have to disappear.

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      Cheaper together: Our Home Office Sets

      How about a table, a chair and practical extras on top? Now you can get everything at once and together for less than separately.

      ✔ Y Table (160 x 80 cm)
      ✔ Modulor work chair
      ✔ Modulor cable duct

      ✔ M Table (120 x 60 cm)
      ✔ Comeback 041 Chair
      ✔ Multiple socket with USB connections

      ✔ E2 Table (138 x 68 cm)
      ✔ Tubular steel chair 118
      ✔ E2 Cable duct
      ✔ Workplace light Luxo L-1

      ✔ M Children's table (120 cm x 68 cm)
      ✔ Children's chair Comeback 041
      ✔ Tape Box Paintbox
      ✔ Staedtler coloured pencil Noris Club 144 Set

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      Home Office einrichten: so klappt das produktive Arbeiten von Zuhause

      When we asked ourselves what you might need to set up your home office desk, we came to the decision: It doesn't necessarily have to be a specially designated or fenced-off room where you install your home office. The home office desk can just as well be placed in the middle of the dining or living room. And it can also have temporary functions other than just room for a laptop. More importantly, we believe that there are agreed upon times when the desk becomes a home office and when the laptop and all the other work utensils have to disappear.

      If, on the other hand, you need a permanent workplace at home, it is best to find a suitable corner where your private life does not intrude so easily and the home office desk you choose has only one function: to work on it. In addition to a practical table and comfortable chair, you will notice that a shelf as a stowage option or other accessories such as PC holder or cable channel may also make things easier.