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Grey is always in demand. All developments in the design of the working world have integrated grey elements. Grey office furniture and desks fit well into very different environments and hardly any colour can be found in as many gradations and designations as grey: light grey, light grey, agate grey, concrete grey, graphite grey, slate grey, platinum grey, silver grey ...

Whether table top or table frame in grey: you can get both from us. Or you can combine a grey table top with a different coloured frame for your individual desk.

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Height-adjustable desk in grey (T-table)

Ergonomic working and elegant design are by no means contradictory. Our infinitely electrically height-adjustable desk T, in grey, is the proof. It offers the option of continuously adjusting your working height at any time, thus combining maximum comfort with a clean look. It fits perfectly into chic offices where value is still placed on a healthy way of living and working. 

Desk postmodern in grey (M desk)

A desk in dark grey? Doesn't that quickly look boring as "grey in grey"? Our M desk really shines in dark grey and looks noble. This colour looks great on the M table. Contrast the grey of the table, for example, with sunny yellow utensils on your desk or a bright white laptop or monitor. Adieu Tristesse!

Desk, individual, grey (Y table)

Have a Y table delivered in your favourite colours! In our configurator, you will find, among other things, "raw steel" in the colour selection for the table legs. This gives you a dark grey, clearly lacquered steel surface. Combine this with a melamine tabletop with a white-grey beaded surface and frame your tabletop with a black edging. The result: a strongly contoured, grey table with a tendency towards greige.

The classic desk in grey (E2 desk)

A silver-grey frame and a light-grey melamine tabletop with a beech lipping. This is our suggestion for configuring a grey E2 desk. The combination looks friendly, elegant and restrained. The accent is set by the beech lipping. Take a look at this grey desk in our configurator.

Grey desk in small and large

Desk, small, grey

If the most important requirement for the workplace is WLAN, and your desk otherwise mainly carries your notebook and a teacup, a small desk is perfectly adequate.

Take a look at small desks in grey in our configurator:

Desk, large, grey

You often compare documents or product samples and a printed plan lies next to your monitor from time to time? Or do you like to leaf through magazines at your desk? Then your desk should provide you with enough space.

Take a look at large desks in grey in our configurator:

Desk top grey

A grey desk top is always a good choice when a white top is perceived as too glaringly bright. A light grey is not so dazzling and appears serious and noble. A grey desk top therefore fits well in sunlit offices and dampens the reflection of light.

Table frame grey

A grey table frame is very variable in terms of the environment in which it is placed, in terms of the tabletop it supports and in terms of other furniture and accessories with which it forms an ensemble: Grey simply harmonises well.

Desk accessories in grey

Grey accessories can also be combined excellently with other colours. If, for example, you have a white desk top and don't want the harsh contrast of a black lamp, choose one in silver-grey!

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