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For some, black is the most elegant color scheme for a surface. But perhaps it is also the most elegant way to evade a decision: Those who choose black also always choose the absence of color. But the decision for black is thus also always a decision to focus on the form or shape. The color scheme of the surface becomes unimportant, no colorfulness is a distraction anymore. Check out our desks in black and configure your favorite work desk.

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The universal desk, industrial, black

Black, raw and simple. In a rough designed environment, our M desk in black fits perfectly. The hardness of the steel, the originality of the shape and the robustness of the melamine tabletop make this desk industrial, suitable for everyday use and timeless.

The ergonomic desk, height adjustable, black

height-adjustable desk makes a very elegant impression in black. In combination with a white tabletop, we think it has what it takes to become a classic. But that's not for us to decide - it's for time to decide.

The special desk, individual, black

Black is always a good choice for steel furniture. Reduced constructions and optimized cross-sections appear even slimmer in black. That's why we configured this black Y table with steel legs. The strongly inclined legs in black make the table top virtually float.

The classic desk in black

An E2 table in black is the favorite of architects and designers. Thin black steel tubes, joined into an efficient structure, take a back seat and reliably support any tabletop placed on it. This desk will survive any fashion: the turtleneck among desks.

The space saving desk, small, black

The little black one: A black small table frame is very restrained in its effect and helps you not to make small rooms look cluttered. Combine a black table frame with a lively wooden table top. A desk that everyone will love to sit at.

Check out frequently ordered small desks:


The generous desk, large, black

Large table bases are also rather inconspicuous in black. A table frame is usually in the shade under the tabletop. If it is then also black, it becomes almost invisible. Use this effect if you do not want a large desk to appear too dominant in the room.

Look at frequently ordered large desks:


A large surface: desk top black

Black desk tops stand out. As a large, light-absorbing dark surface, they lie in the room. When planning the lighting, keep in mind that the reflections that would otherwise be normal (with a white top) are missing, making the entire room appear darker.

A shadowy existence: table frame black

A black table frame fades into the background in terms of design due to its dark surfaces. Black constructions appear slimmer than white ones and thus become lighter. Under a large tabletop, they almost disappear in perception.

You can't do without: desk accessories in black

If the white tabletop is the standard, then so is the black desk lamp. The interplay of light and dark is stimulating and in this way individual pieces can be staged. Play with the contrast!