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      Do you already know our color samples? Or would you like to book an individual furniture consultation? We are also happy to help you with our CAD files and our assembly service.

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      Some variants of our tables are made individually at your request. The delivery time is then several weeks. Is that too long for you? Then let us only show you our variants that can be delivered quickly. Choose one of our popular colors and a standard size and the table will be with you within 3-4 days.


      The dimensions here refer to the table top. For orientation: We generally recommend 160 x 80 cm as the minimum size of a work table. The following rule of thumb applies to dining or conference tables: one person needs around 60 cm of space. However, this is tightly measured. So take a little more space into account.
        Length cm
        Depending on the table top selection, the following maximum dimensions are available:
        with veneer edging 250 x 140 cm

        with veneer edging 320 x 180 cm
        using Multiplex-Core 250 x 125 cm
        using MDF-Core 250 x 180cm

        using MDF-Core 120 x 240cm
        using Multiplex-Core 120 x 240cm
        Width cm
        Height cm
        You can choose between a table height of approximately 75 cm (table at seat height) and about 100 cm (bar table). Navigate to "Legs" and set your preferred table height.
        Diameter cm
        The following maximum sizes are available:
        with veneer edging 180 cm
        using Multiplex-Core 150 cm
        using MDF-Core 180 cm
        Height cm
        You can choose between a table height of approximately 75 cm (table at seat height) and about 100 cm (bar table). Navigate to "Legs" and set your preferred table height.


        Linoleum - natural, high quality, durable

        With the natural material linoleum, you are choosing a particularly high-quality table surface with a beautiful feel. You have the choice between 21 colors, 3 board cores, and countless edge bands. Beveled edges, cable outlet, or rounded corners? The following applies to our diverse linoleum table tops: (Almost) nothing is impossible.

        Melamine - robust, classic, inexpensive

        With melamine, you are choosing a particularly resistant and durable table top surface. The neutral appearance and robust properties make it a classic standard worktop. With a top price-performance ratio!

        HPL — resistant, easy to care for, and extramatt

        With HPL, you choose our most durable table surface. The laminate coating, pressed under high pressure, is considered to be almost indestructible. HPL table tops come with a matt finish and optionally with beveled edges and rounded corners.

          Surface area

          For technical production reasons, we guarantee at least one faultless A-side of the table tops in the cut to size. Slight impairments of the surface quality of the B-side cannot be ruled out. This is no reason for a complaint.



          Real wood

          Plastic (ABS)

          Surface area


          Edge veneer (Core: blockboard)

          Polished edge (Multiplex Birch / MDF)

          Surface area

          Polished edge


          The standard corner radius of our table tops is 3 mm. With our linoleum table tops with a sanded edge, you can also choose more rounded corners with a 25 mm or 50 mm radius - for a less solid, soft, and contemporary appearance. The two larger radii are particularly popular in combination with a beveled panel edge.

          Cable passage

          Longitudinal position cm
          The distance between the edge of the table top and the cable passage must be at least 13 cm. Measurements are always taken from the centre of the hole.
          Transverse position cm

          Round standard dimensions

          Ø 120 cm

          Standard rectangular dimensions

          138 x 68 cm

          160 x 80 cm

          180 x 90 cm

          200 x 90 cm


          Whether solid wood or tubular steel - the legs of the Y table frames are all inclined by at least 10°. This inclination gives the Y table its characteristic lightness. If you want to increase the floating effect, choose a larger angle of inclination: The tubular table legs are available in the variant slightly inclined (inclination angle 20°) and strongly inclined (inclination angle 30°).

            Sitting height

            Here the pure frame height is 71 cm. Depending on the thickness of the table top selected, this results in a table height of approx. 74–75 cm. This corresponds to the standard height for work tables.

            Standing height

            Here the pure frame height is 103 cm. Depending on the thickness of the table top selected, this results in a table height of approx. 105 cm.

            Types of wood

            Paint finish

            There are no limits to brave color combinations! You can choose from a total of 15 color variants. Because we have frames made for you in special colors individually and to order, we implement a small surcharge here.

            Standard colors

            Special colors

            Sitting height

            Standing height

            Types of wood

            Paint finish

            Paint finish

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            For those in a hurry, we offer a special selection of tables that are immediately available. These Y series classics are with you in one to three days.

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            Design your Y table, save, and send your draft to your email. Finalize it whenever you want.

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            If you have any questions about specific configurations or materials, please feel free to contact us via our chat.

            Table frame

            Maximum dimensions

            Melamine tabletop with edge veneer
            275 cm x 140 cm

            Linoleum tabletop with edge veneer
            320 cm x 180 cm

            Linoleum tabletop with polished Multiplex Birch core
            300 cm x 150 cm

            Linoleum tabletop with polished MDF core
            240 cm x 180 cm


            Corner radius

            Tabletop with edge veneer
            3 mm

            Linoleum tabletop with polished edge
            3 mm, 25 mm or 50 mm


            Melamine tabletop with edge veneer
            19 mm or 25 mm

            Linoleum tabletop with edge veneer
            30 mm

            Linoleum tabletop with polished Multiplex Birch core
            20 mm or 26 mm

            Linoleum tabletop with polished MDF core
            21 mm


            Surface of melamine tops

            We guarantee at least one defect-free A-side for melamine tops. Slight impairments in the surface quality of the B-side cannot be ruled out and are not grounds for complaint. Before you mount the board on the table frame, select the preferred board side.


            Configurate your Y table

            Robust, yet humble. These two differences combine in a wonderful way with the scaled-down, elegant Y table series made of high-quality materials. The construction of the table frame, made of powder-coated steel or solid wood, ensures great stability.

            The angled table legs are equally sturdy and delicate. They blend unobtrusively under the high-quality melamine or linoleum table top and give it a floating impression. Only from a distance, or with a view under the table, does the thoughtful cooperation of the table top and frame become apparent.

            Versatile & customizable

            With over 150 million variants, the Y table series is extraordinarily multifaceted and flexible. With its clear yet refined design vocabulary, it is just as suitable for the classic architectural office as it is for your studio or dining room.

            Robust & elegant

            Due to its construction, the sturdy Y table frame has a maximum surface load of 150 kg. The centrally positioned table frame provides stability; the mounted, refined table legs seem to make the table top float.

            Transportable & stable

            Our Y tables are also equipped with adjustable feet that provide stability on uneven floors. If you move to a new location, you can simply disassemble your Y table into its components.

            Stable construction

            Usually, the sides of a table are visible along the outer edges of the table top. With Y tables, the table frames are invisible in the center below the table top, connected to the table legs in the form of a Y. They draw their strength and their almost floating appearance from this construction.

            Long-lasting table top

            The table tops, with robust melamine or fine linoleum coating, are stable and long-lasting. What to discover: Solid and inexpensive melamine table tops in white, black, various shades of grey and in wood or concrete decor look, as well as high quality and natural linoleum table tops with an extraordinary variety of colors and shapes.


            Stable, reliable, and with a high standard of material and design. Discover the Y table series with its endless possibilities and configure yours today. We have put together a list of helpful tips to assist you.



            Table frame