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The question of a children's desk does not only arise at the start of school. Even before that, a child can sit at the table and make good use of its own children's desk for handicrafts or painting. If the useful desk is also a beautiful piece of furniture, everyone will enjoy it even more. Check out our children's desks in white!

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A height-adjustable children's desk in white: Useable for years to come

Childhood is development. A child is not, a child becomes: Above all, they grow taller over the years. Our children's desks are height-adjustable and can be used for a long time. If you want, from school enrolment to university. In addition, the melamine tabletop with which the table is usually delivered is extremely hard-wearing and robust, which means that it will still cut a fine figure even after long and intensive use.

Youth desk in white

A desk for teenagers does not have to be adjustable to quite as low a working height as a children's desk. Therefore, it is usually sufficient to simply select a rather low frame for teenagers in our configurators. The tabletop can be chosen completely freely. An E2 desk in the lowest height, for example, allows a desk height (top edge of desk top) of just under 68 cm. People with a height between 1.60 m and 1.70 m usually sit well and ergonomically correct at this height. With the help of extension rods, the table height can later be increased by up to 23 cm (to 91 cm). An adult who is well over two metres tall can then also sit at such high tables. Enough room for further physical development.

Children's desk E2 white

The classic E2 desk is also available especially for children. It is not only the obligatory height adjustability via extension rods and the fundamentally somewhat smaller dimensions that distinguish this children's desk from the larger original. The tabletop of the E2 children's desk is also always fixed in place with the help of suction cups. This means that the tabletop does not slip or tilt, even if the child leans on it at the very edge.

Children's desk M2 white

For some, the M2 children's desk is even the better M2: it is height-adjustable and the adjustability is not achieved via insertable extension rods under the tabletop but via telescopic extensions on the table legs. This extra feature is not available with the large M2 frames. This special feature means that the table can be adjusted to table heights between 52 cm and 76 cm and can therefore also be used later by adults.

Children's table and chairs white

Due to the smaller body size, a child naturally also needs an appropriate chair. Anyone who makes the step to a child's desk should therefore also provide a suitable child's desk chair. The rule of thumb for the right seat height is the right angle at the knee or between the thigh and calf when sitting. This applies to both children and adults. And if the right angle is not perfect, it is better to have a slightly larger angle than one that is too small. This means: it is better to buy a chair that is a little too high than one that is too low.

Everything about the children's desk

Find out more about our children's desks, discover the colour selection and get to know our children's chairs. And if you are looking for light-coloured children's furniture, discover our height-adjustable children's desks in white.

Accessories for children's desk white

If the child is to be able to sit at his child's desk after sunset, he needs a chair and a desk lamp. And if it is to keep the desk tidy, a roll container under or next to the child's desk could help reduce recurring discussions. And conducive to the development of handwriting is a learn-to-write pad.