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Height-adjustable children's desk, grows with them and always fits

At what age and for what size should you buy a children's desk? And how long will the desk be suitable for? You don't have to ask yourself these questions with our height-adjustable children's desks. They are variably adjustable and therefore suitable for all ages and heights. As the child grows, the height of the desk is adjusted. It's that simple. And our children's desks are so durable that they remain a popular piece of furniture even beyond school age.

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E2 height-adjustable children's desk - known as the Eggman desk

E2 height-adjustable children's desk - known as the Eggman desk

The E2 desk is legendary, (almost) everyone knows it as the Eggman desk. The height-adjustable E2 children's desk is in no way inferior to its great role model. The same construction principle, the same materials. Only the dimensions are smaller. But with the help of the extension rods, it can even be adjusted to the correct table height for adults. In addition, the table top is connected to the table frame by suction cups. This prevents the top from accidentally moving or even slipping off. The E2 children's desk is therefore a well-thought-out solution that will fit for years and that the child may never want to part with - and doesn't have to.

✓ Height-adjustable children's desk in a few steps
✓ Tiltable
✓ Can be extended with a drawer

M2 height-adjustable children's desk

M2 height-adjustable children's desk

If you are looking for a simple and robust children's desk that can be sat at from all sides, the height-adjustable M2 children's desk is the right choice for you. Nothing gets in the way under the table, because the construction is very simple: four legs made of square tubular steel are connected with frames directly under the tabletop. The legs can be extended telescopically to adjust the height of the table. This way, the child has maximum legroom and can also draw, write or do handicrafts with siblings or friends. The table height can be adjusted so flexibly that everyone from schoolchildren to high school graduates can sit at it comfortably.

✓ Height-adjustable children's desk in just a few steps
✓ Robust and washable
✓ Not tiltable

Youth desk height adjustable

Youth desk height adjustable

A youth desk is not quite as low as a children's desk. Therefore, an adult desk in the lowest setting or version often already fits. In our range, either an E2 table or an electrically height-adjustable T table can be considered for a youth desk. If you choose the lowest E2 table, the tabletop rests on the frame at a height of 66 cm. Depending on the tabletop, this results in a working height of 68 cm to 69 cm. A young person with a height of 1.60 m or more can sit at this table in an ergonomically correct way. The same applies to our electrically height-adjustable T Table Premium: in the lowest setting, the top of the table is even only approx. 65 cm high.

Children's desk with inclined table top

Children's desk with inclined table top

Sometimes you might want your child to have a slanted tabletop when drawing or painting a picture. This way the drawing or picture would lie better on the table and the child could work more easily on the upper parts of the sheet. With the E2 children's desk, this is possible with a few simple steps and the mounting set for sloping tops. Because the extension rods are connected to the top (the top of the rods is screwed tightly to the desk top with a wood screw), it will not slide down even if two of the four extension rods are pulled out further than the other two. Since the head plates are hinged to the extension rods, the top can be tilted to different degrees.

Children's desk with drawer

Children's desk with drawer

Tidiness and children are sometimes difficult to reconcile. To be able to start something new on the children's desk, however, it should be as free as possible. The easiest way to clear the top of the desk is to store everything one level down. A drawer under the desk top is therefore the obvious solution. You can find just such a drawer made of sheet steel in our accessories for desks. And if you need more space, you can put a mobile pedestal under or next to the children's desk. It also has two removable pencil and utensil boxes on top. These can be placed on the desk while painting/crafting/drawing and then put back into the mobile container.

Robust and washable

Robust and washable

Melamine resin boards and powder-coated steel are resistant materials. They allow the handling of paints and adhesives and are easy to clean. But of course everything has its limits. Second or two-component adhesives cannot be removed from surfaces after they have hardened. Dried acrylic paints usually leave shadows on white tabletops that can no longer be wiped away, and the furniture should not be touched with scouring agents or sponges. In this respect, the guiding principle applies: well prepared is half done. If in doubt, protect the board with a film or paper and you can save yourself time-consuming cleaning procedures later on.

The right children's desk height

Depending on the height of the child, the height-adjustable children's table should be set differently. The following table provides guidelines for the correct table height, please see our instructions for setting the correct table height below. 

Body height

Seat height

Table height

108 - 121 cm

31 cm

53 cm

119 - 142 cm

35 cm

59 cm

133 - 159 cm

38 cm

64 cm

146 - 177 cm

43 cm

71 cm

159 - 188 cm

46 cm

76 cm

174 – 207 cm

51 cm

82 cm

So stellst Du die optimale Schreibtischhöhe zum Sitzen ein

1. Die richtige Sitzhöhe

Wenn Du einen höhenverstellbaren Stuhl hast, stelle diesen so ein, dass beim Sitzen die Unterschenkel zu den Oberschenkeln im Knie einen rechten Winkel bilden. Achte darauf, dass die Füße hierbei flach auf dem Boden stehen.

2. Die richtige Tischhöhe

Setze Dich aufrecht auf Deinen Stuhl. Die Tischplatte soll genau so hoch sein, dass beim Sitzen die Unterarme zu den Oberarmen in den Ellbogen einen rechten Winkel bilden, wenn Hände und Unterarme auf der Platte flach liegen.

Everything about the children's desk

Everything about the children's desk

Find out more about our children's desks, discover the colour selection and get to know our children's chairs. And if you are looking for light-coloured children's furniture, discover our height-adjustable children's desks in white.