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Brass Profile Strips

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Information on Brass Modeling Profiles

Their good and simple solderability makes brass profiles an excellent material for architectural, railway or diorama model making. Coated with silver spray paint, e.g. metal spray, they get the often desired appearance of steel. Milled brass profiles are sharp-edged, the edges of the drawn profiles are slightly rounder.

Processing of brass profiles

They are best sawn with a circular saw or manually with a household or metal hacksaw. Brass has excellent soldering properties. Reaction adhesives, e.g. based on epoxy or cyanoacrylate, can be used for gluing, in model making also UHU-hart or Ruderer L 530.

Further information on the

Further information on brass machining can be found in our materials library.

On request we can supply drawn profiles (U,T,L) in various dimensions and wall thicknesses, minimum order 6 m / dimension.

Important: The specified wall thicknesses for the profiles are approximate dimensions.

Alternatives to brass profiles

Profiles made of ASA or polystyrene