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ASA & Polystyrene Profile

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Features & Benefits

The plastic ASA (Acrylonitrile-Styrene-Acrylester) has the same appearance as polysyrol, but is - similar to ABS - slightly more impact resistant and elastic. ASA is resistant to water, oil, petrol and UV rays (UV-stable). The ASA profiles also differ in their slightly coarser design from the subsequent PS profiles from Evergreen. That's why they're a little cheaper.


Polystyrene and ASA profiles are mainly used in architectural model making. But also more and more railway and diorama model builders use them for the construction of individual designs. The connection profiles are used in the construction of trade fair models or in the manufacture of simple displays.

Processing and

The model building profiles are very easy to process: Cutting with a PUK saw, the model making circular saw or the cutter. Bonding with dichloromethane (solvent) or Ruderer L 530. When bonding with solvent, the parts are cut to exact dimensions and if necessary fitted with adhesive strips; then brush the liquid into the joint and wait briefly. The solvent creeps into the joint, dissolves the plastic and the parts are glued together after a short drying time.


The ASA and polystyrene profiles are a cost-effective alternative to the brass profiles offered.